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Friday, April 12, 2013

Greenland's One Year Rememberance

Today Greenland, NH is holding a memorial service for the one year anniversary of the shooting death of police chief Michael Maloney.  It was a sad time for the town and he is greatly missed.  Since I wrote about it last year, I thought I'd just make a small post about what is going on today.  Here are some links you can follow if you'd like to read about it.  Thanks!

Here's today's news link from Seacoastonline:

This news link asks some key people, " Where were you the night of April 12, 2012?"  The first photo is that of our new police chief.

And here's a link to the Michael Maloney Memorial Fund page:

Thanks for reading everyone - I just wanted to add my own little memorial to the mix, since it is something that is still felt in our small town as a great tragedy.

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  1. Yes, very tragic and so many lives affected! My heart goes out to the family!