The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!


Tips and tricks for boxes such as hitchhikers, cooties, fleas, event boxes, pt's, etc.

~  The HH format: yours yours, mine mine, theirs theirs. "what does that mean, tigs?" hh into your log. box stamp into your log. sig stamp into hh, sig stamp into box log, box stamp into hh, leave hh in box.
(well, it's how i remember it. . .) 

~  For hitchhikers, SIZE matters. Most boxes are not that large, so if you are planning a hh, think SMALL.

~  Hitchhikers, Fleas and Cooties - what's the difference?
  • HITCHHIKER is a small stamp that most of the time will have a logbook.  A hitchhiker goes from BOX TO BOX only - it is placed in a letterbox where the HH stamp gets stamped into the letterbox logbook, and the stamp from the box get stamped into the HH logbook.  When someone finds the letterbox that contains the HH, they take it from the box (If they so choose - its not mandatory that you take it with you.) and plant it in another letterbox they find later on.  The idea being that the HH will get to travel to many different places and eventually return to the owner.
  • A COOTIE is a small stamp that most of the time does not have a logbook.  A cootie goes from PERSON TO PERSON only - it is usually placed on a person or in a person's bag, pocket, purse etc. as a little "surprise.  All you have to do is stamp the image in your logbook and record your find online.  Please note that some people do NOT like cooties, while others love them.  There are patches that state one preference or another, but it is best to try to find out if someone does not want cooties before planting them.
  • A FLEA can be planted as either a hitchhiker OR a cootie.  You can find it in a box and then plant it on a person.  You can move it like a HH or it can move from person to person.  There are fewer of these hybrids, but they give you more flexibility as to how you can move them along.
  • A SNAKE is something Bubs uses to scare tigs when she isn't looking, so that he can get beaten about the head and neck with her hiking stick. It's an amusing process to watch.