The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Steampunk Stuff & Strawberry Fluff, Part 1

We had a very interesting weekend, to say the least.  It started Friday night as we prepared the house for a special guest - Teeker was coming up from Connecticut to stay with us for the Steampunk event in Maine!  Mama Irish Chicklet was going to be coming up with Teeks, but unfortunately, had to cancel last minute - we missed having you!  However, Teeks arrive Saturday morning, before I was up, of course.  Oh, well - her problem - she had to suffer through me coming upstairs before coffee and morning prep.  But, once that was completed, the day got brighter, and then Honig603 arrived at the house, to ride with us up to Parsonfield.  Off we went!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Return from the Missing

Yes, i know - i haven't been pulling my weight around here. i've been lolling about, letting Bubs do all the posting, have all the fun. *sigh* No excuse, really, just this little 1000 mile move in the middle there. . .

Anyway, i'm back now and have a new resolve to post something so that everyone knows that there really is a tigger too. ;-)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Planning For Weekend At Wakeda

As some of you may already know, Betty Boop3 and I are planning our first official event, and we're really excited about it!  Gollygee has jumped on board as well, and is going to help with the event, which is even better, since she's a veteran event guru!  Its at a campground in Hampton Falls, NH, which is near the seacoast, but nestled away just enough to be peaceful and quiet, while still being near enough to just about everything!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ode To An Ex Neighbor

*SIGH*  I already miss having my hiking compadre in the state right next to me, so I figured I'd sift through my pics and put together a small tribute to a great friend, a kindred spirit, an inspiration on the trails, and someone I look up to - all of which came out of our love for boxing and our sharing the same sense of humor.  And in keeping with that sense of humor, don't expect the rest of this post to be so kind!  ;)  Safe journey Sis!!!