The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!


Tips, tricks and bits of wisdom we've pick up along our trails...

~  Always, always, ALWAYS make sure that you replace boxes where you find them, and hide them just as well or better than you found them.

~  Make sure bags are completely sealed - its always disappointing to open or go collect a box and find a wet or soggy logbook. Bags have also saved more than one logbook from a drowning.

~  Replace bags INSIDE the box, not on the outside.  The bags can get punctured easily, and once they leak, they act in reverse and can trap the box inside water.

~  If you are inking a stamp in color, always start with the lightest color first - otherwise the darker colors will bleed onto your markers or inkpads.

~  Remember, in the fall and early winter - wear an orange vest, or at the very least some brightly colored clothing.  At least in our neck of the woods, the hunters are out and about during this time!

~  It helps to carry some extras in your pack (although tigs goes a little overboard). Extra baggies, an emergency logbook, stamp cleaner, a bandana - these make some helpful repairs and keep your own markers/inks nice and your logbook fun! . . .and don't forget snacks. Stopping for lunch wastes daylight. . .

~  For your own boxes, take your time! Plan out a theme - have the stamp match the place in some way. Have the logbook match the stamp. Visit a couple times to find the placement. Maybe do a little research into the history. All of this can add to the fun and story of the box. 

~  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check both websites (AQ and LbNA) when you're visiting a new area. There's nothing worse than going to a park, getting one series, coming home and finding out you walked right by another one because you didn't check the other site. *sigh* ask me how many times i've done this. . .