The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Steampunk Stuff & Strawberry Fluff, Part 1

We had a very interesting weekend, to say the least.  It started Friday night as we prepared the house for a special guest - Teeker was coming up from Connecticut to stay with us for the Steampunk event in Maine!  Mama Irish Chicklet was going to be coming up with Teeks, but unfortunately, had to cancel last minute - we missed having you!  However, Teeks arrive Saturday morning, before I was up, of course.  Oh, well - her problem - she had to suffer through me coming upstairs before coffee and morning prep.  But, once that was completed, the day got brighter, and then Honig603 arrived at the house, to ride with us up to Parsonfield.  Off we went!

We arrived at the Parsonsfield Seminary, and as we were parking the car, I jumped out before we had even shut off the engine - the license plate in front of us said "Uneksia" - someone I've wanted to meet from our very first day of boxing!  So, I ran up and introduced myself, and got to meet a local boxing legend - what a way to start the event, especially since it was unexpected!  Then, as we were walking toward the building, this was one of the first things we saw:

Kinda creepy, huh?
We passed TallDave as we were heading in to the building, and said hello, but he was already on the trail of boxes, and once he's boxing, he's like a bloodhound, so we left him to it.  ;)  We arrived inside the hall, and here's where it all started:
Now that I think about it, we never did find out why our names were on those pieces of paper...
Here's me at the entrance - I just bought some raffle tickets from Aiphid - remember this - its important.  The tickets, not my ugly mug...

I'm the grumpy one, but Honig is the happy one - note she has tickets too...
From here, we went upstairs, and were immediately greeted by our host - MaineKokopellian.  I think.  Maybe it was one of the special guests, but I lost track, and it looked like Mr. Koko anyway.  He explained what was going on and what we needed to do, and then we got to enter the main room.  Holy cow!!  The organizers really went all-out on the set-up!  Very nicely done, and just one look and you could tell that alot of work went into the contraptions and gadgets and doohickies that let you know that great minds were creating and inventing here!  It was pretty impressive!  We looked around, said some hello's, but figured it might be a good idea to head outside and get a few boxes first.  After all TallDave was already out there, so somebody needed to keep an eye on him!  ;)

We came downstairs, and I just KNEW when I saw the saw the family that had just arrived, it must be them - another legend in boxing that I just couldn't wait to meet.  So, I walked up and asked:

"Are you MiSs cHiEvOuS?"

Here, let me tell you, that she truly lives up to her name.  With a straight face and no indication as to who she was, she pretended like it wasn't her and that she had no idea what I was talking about.  She had me going for a few seconds, but someone else in her family (I forget who - my apologies) gave her up and didn't let her get away with it.  If you've seen one of her stamps, you'll know why I was so eager to meet her.  If not, you've gotta find one, somehow, somewhere, someday.  Seriously.  And with all the day's happenings, I really, REALLY hope Aiphid got to exchange with her - I really, really wanted to, but missed out.  Definitely my loss, and something I plan on correcting in the future, but MiSs cHiEvOuS, it was truly an honor and a priviledge to at least get to meet you and your family!!!  Truly amazing stamps!!!

Ok, so we get outside, found a few boxes, but then it was tea time, so we headed back inside, ate some food, mingled, went back outside, found a few more boxes, came back for the group photo, got more boxes, then came back for the raffle.  Before I tell you about the raffle, here's some of our good friends that were also here:
WHAT?!  Graywolfe had a better beard and mustache than me!!!
I'm the billygoat on the left.  Then there's Mad Catter, SLJ, AT and that lady that's afraid of spiders...  ;)
L 2 R:  BfloAnonChick, Celtic Hound, ThimbeLinda just barely showing, boxermom, SeaFlea, zephyr, Teeker, Mama HappyDaze and Jiffy.  Not sure who the half-guy is on the left...  He's got a cool apron on...  I think he was selling tickets...  (Pay attention people! ;)
L 2 R:  Mad Catter, AC, atvracer, Thimbelinda, Aiphid, Aiphid's arm in a picture frame...
Does she look happy, or does she look happy??
Hey!!  Its happy Teeker!  Look at that smile!
Ok Teeks.  You can move now.  C'mon.  Do something.  All right - stop that smiling!  I mean it!  You're creepin' me out!!!  Geez - you people figure out who the rest are in this pic - I'm outta here!  ;)
Ok, then the raffle - the most AMAZING thing happened.  I actually won something!!!  not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR!!!  Holy crap!  And Teeks won stuff, and Honig won stuff - and BB3 won once at least, which, I should mention, she not only picked two tickets to the haunted house, but also gave them away.  ;)  Someone else won a pair of tickets too, and we gave them to an unsuspecting random group of people, so that was a fun random act of kindness.  We hope.  Anyway, I won a cool LB supply package, a cool hollow book/old-fashioned movie reel thingy, a piece of actual PZ, and most importantly, this:

What is it?  Where did it come from?  What is its significance?  Well, yup!  You'll have to come back to the second half of this story to find out!!  And you'll want to too, cuz its just that important!  And it'll bug you if you don't!  And this post is pretty long as it is, and I'm getting tired, so I'm outta here, and you'll just have to wait!  So tune in next time, for more stuff and things and whatevers, just because!  ;)


  1. I definitely got that exchange. And if I wasn't hosting the raffle, I so would have picked that secret item :)

  2. WHAT!?!?! You actually MET MiSs and MISSED exchanging with her???? Are you CRAZY!?!?!

    *sigh* you try to raise them up right and by golly, they just don't listen. Luckily, i have a shot at doing the right thing in April. '

    Silly boy. . .

  3. I'm really glad you did, Aiphid! I knew you wanted that exchange, so that's cool. And I normally wouldn't have picked that item, but you did single it out, and THEN once I found out more about it, I was soooo glad I did! More on that in the next post. ;)

    And yes, tigs, I goofed. But when you're in the presense of greatness, sometimes things get a little fuddled...

    I'll get it next time. Do you know how many times I saw GMH and never exchanged? And at Steampunk, I had to ask her again if we did - I had to be sure!