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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Steampunk Stuff & Strawberry Fluff, Part B

Let's see, where were we - oh, yes - I left you with this image of a mysterious device...

This, my dear friends, is a hand-made, really works, well put together steampunk kaleidoscope!!!  This nifty little device was crafted by none other than the beautifully moustachioed Graywolfe!!!  I chose it because one Mr. Aiphid highlighted it, and then when I got back to our table, I realized it wasn't just a display - it actually worked!  And then I found out who had made it, which made it that much more of a treasure.  Plus, being a carpenter, I recognize every element of its construction - well done, Graywolfe!  Thanks!

Ok, so after the raffle, we went out, found a few more boxes, then loaded up in the car to go find a series off-site.  Ummm, I'll be nice to one Mr. Aiphid-of-the-apron, and just say that we didn't make it to where were headed - if we had had more time to look for the start, we probably would have found it, but it was getting dark soon enough, so we just gave up and headed back to the seminary to attend the haunted house.  The haunted house was pretty cool - not the scariest, but you could tell they put alot of work into it.  We just had fun with it.  Well, some of us.  There were several shrieks and screams along the way, but not too many.  And toward the very end, I had fun with one character - he was sitting on a bench, trying to sit so still we'd think he was fake, then I think he was going to try to scare us.  But I was the first to pass him, noticed he was "real", and sat down right behind him on the bench.  He tried to move his head without drawing attention to himself, and when he realized I was sitting there facing him, he didn't know what to to do - he just sat there!  Now THAT was fun - spooking the spooker!

Sorry, no pics of the haunted house, but here are a few more from our day up there:

Ok, now on the "Strawberry Fluff" part of our story.  Next morning, BB3 took the Teekinator out with Cole to box our Backyard Homestead series.  They found a few interesting things over there...
They didn't care for this guy, but I think he's kinda cool...
Cole in the woods...
...and a Teeks in the woods.
OH NO!!!  That rabid tree has Teeker!!
Don't worry - she got away and was just fine.
So, those three yahoos finished their morning walk-n-box, came back home, I got up somewhere along the way in there, and then we all got ready and headed over to the start of "Girly Stamps Galore", aka "A Strawberry Shortcake Adventure".  Honig603 was meeting us over there, and we were all going to hike it together.
But wait a minute....  Who is that there hiding behind that tree next to Teeker?
Ta-Da!!!  Its Octavia!!!
BB3 is trying to imitate tig's favorite animal.
I think this was the beginning point of the SSG's - the "Strawberry Shortcake Gangstas"
That bandana was AWESOME!!!
If it wasn't girly, it got viciously mauled that day.  I survived only because I had the car keys hidden.  ;)
Ahhhh, a box.  Good ol' box.
Ahhhh, yes.  The tunnel.  Its Super Scary on the other side.  ;)
What am I doing up here?
Having fun of course!  Octavia and I climbed several ginormous boulders that day.
No one got hurt in the climbing of these boulders.
We hiked about 5 miles over there, had fun chatting and stamping, and then once we were finished, headed just around the corner and got some grub!!  It was a great day and we all had a really good time.  Here are a few more pics of some of the cool sights we saw along the trail:

Oh, I almost forgot.  While Teeker and BB3 were on their morning hike, they found something else.  I would be neglectful of my duties if I did not share what they found and took a picture of.  Tigs - this one is just for you!  ;)


  1. Actually, Cole found what was in the last pic ;)

  2. thank you oh so much. i am so very grateful you included that last picture. yes i am.

    that's ok, i'm working on the hikes for you once you get here.

    btw, did they find the zombie squirrel on the backyard series? he was pretty awesome.

    and are you going to the Teekster's for Thanksgiving? huh? huh? inquiring minds want to know. . .

  3. You're very welcome tigs! Just for you! And hikes are always good - bring 'em on!

    Still haven't seen the zombie squirrel yet, and it doesn't look like we'll heading to Conn next week. Sorry!