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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toys For Tots & Boxes For Boxers

We grabbed our coffee this morning, loaded up the car, and headed up to Saco, ME, to attend the 2012 Letterboxer's Christmas event.  We had our boxing stuff, some food, our camera, and several games for the Toys For Tots gift pile - ready to go!  Traffic was fine, the sun was out and it wasn't too cold - turned out to be a really nice day!

We got to the event, grabbed our stuff from the car, and headed inside.  We were immediately greeted by mama Happy Daze, who welcomed us, pointed out where things were, and thanked us for bringing the gifts - very nice!  We set stuff down where it belonged, and headed over to see pappy Happy Daze to buy some raffle tickets.  Then we grabbed some of the great grub, and sat down with IrishInks and chatted for a bit.  After we were done, we grabbed our gear and hit the trail.

We went out and tracked down the Christmas song series - it was nice day to be out, and this was a nice walk with some cool stamps.  Then we headed off to grab a drive-by, but we couldn't find it right off, and we wanted to get back in time for the raffle, so we left it for next time.  We got back to the event, stamped a few stamps, chatted a bit, and then they held the raffle.  We put all the tickets in BB3's name, since I actually won several things at Steampunk, and figured the chances of me winning twice in a row were pretty much nil.  BB3 did win one thing - of course, she was the only one who entered for that particular gift, but still...

After that, we packed up and headed out again.  We headed over and boxed the Tis The Season series that we didn't get last year - I love Calvin & Hobbes!!!  Then we headed over to get the series of drive-bys that were out and about for the event.  We stopped at the first one and couldn't find it.  So, we moved on to the second one, and who should be there looking for the second box, but Choi and Travelers 4!  The four of us looked, but couldn't find that one either.  However, they had an idea where the first one was, so we followed them back and Choi was finally able to find it!  So we stamped in, and said good-bye to each other, and BB3 and I continued on to get the rest of the series, most of which we finished in the dark.

Once we finished that series, we hit the road and headed home.  The end!  Thanks a bunch to Happy Daze for putting this event together, thanks to everyone who brought toys for the kids and the great food - 107 gifts to be given to Toys for Tots!  Woo hoo!!!

Look at all the gifts!

Well, at least we got to see half of the Zoo Crew again!

Minowa and IrishInks just stamping away.

Look at all the stuff on the raffle tables!

Oh, that Nittany!  There were plenty of tables, ya know!  ;)

And then there's Seagull...  ;)

Look at all the people!

Like I said, it was a great day for boxing...
We'll see you down the road - thanks for reading!  ;)

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  1. Oooooohhh, tiggaloo! Where are you!? Didn't YOU just attend an event recently? We want a story, and we want some pics! Chop chop!! ;)