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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ode To An Ex Neighbor

*SIGH*  I already miss having my hiking compadre in the state right next to me, so I figured I'd sift through my pics and put together a small tribute to a great friend, a kindred spirit, an inspiration on the trails, and someone I look up to - all of which came out of our love for boxing and our sharing the same sense of humor.  And in keeping with that sense of humor, don't expect the rest of this post to be so kind!  ;)  Safe journey Sis!!!

Naturally, we connected through the boards on AQ - it didn't take us long to realize that our sense of humor may be a bit off the wall, but we shared it and that got us chatting with each other more often.  But our first official face-to-face was at the 2011 OMG Zombies event.  Well, technically the night before at the OMG Zombies nightboxing event.  And appropriate enough, we can say that that is when all hell broke loose....Bubs and tigs sealed their freindship, and all sorts of schemes and shenanigans would henceforth ensue.

Things were quiet for the winter as to our getting together.  However, this silly little blog was created during that time, and as you can see throughout its existence, we aren't going to win any awards for writing the most, but at least we've been somewhat consistent in posting, which was all I was hoping to do from the beginning - just the occasional this, that or the other thing, tying us together with all of you and with letterboxing.

But then, we got together at Teeker's "Spring Into The Equinox" event, and that's when not only did we realize that we made one heck of a boxing team, but others realized that we were just plain nuts.  Ask them - many will testify that we're just not right in the head, and yes, I'm speaking for both of us and will pay later.  I don't mind.
Our Day At The Equinox

We hiked a record amount of miles at this event, and hit some of our personal boxing records at this event as well.  Let alone me showing up at Teek's house with a giant stuffed snake around my neck (which didn't phase tigs), me finding a tiny plastic pink snake and showing it to tigs (which made her jump - I still have no idea why and she still won't let me forget), and Big Daddy finding  a real snake and pointing it out to tigs (I'm surprised he survived - that's true love for ya!)

From here, we went to...
Cole!  You're not supposed to be here!  Behave yourself!  (Sorry.  That pic was for tigs. ;)

As I was saying, it was only a month later (little less) and we were up at tigs' house, where I was supposed to do some work, which I did some, but of course, boxing was the priority of the weekend...

Yes, I'm Shoe Bait for posting that last pic, but I did warn everyone at the beginning of this post that this was coming...

How BB3 crosses bridges
I also didn't claim at the beginning to limit my not-niceness to tigs.  And no, I'm not suicidal.

So let's move on, before the fleet of semis get here.  In June, it coincided that my mom came up for a visit, while at the same time, tigs and BD were camping/boxing in Andover.  So, we planned an impromptu get-together.

The fate of those that hike with Tigaloo.
And then, of course, there was Thomas Point Beach....

Since TPB, we got together again for a monumentous weekend at TD & TL's house, but that's set aside for another post.  Until then, we'll miss having you as a neighbor, tigster - here's a toast to YOU!!!

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  1. What tigs?! No witty comebacks? No digs or zingers?! C'mon! You're slippin' on me! And don't try to use all this "moving" stuff as an excuse! I know its not real anyway! ;)