The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Return from the Missing

Yes, i know - i haven't been pulling my weight around here. i've been lolling about, letting Bubs do all the posting, have all the fun. *sigh* No excuse, really, just this little 1000 mile move in the middle there. . .

Anyway, i'm back now and have a new resolve to post something so that everyone knows that there really is a tigger too. ;-)

Today i went to the Fluffy Edge of Doom. Yes i did. The sad part was, the box wasn't there. It was very depressing - especially since i would have been First Finder, even though it had been planted over a year ago. However, there was a Fluffy Cow there, and that was fantastic!! Equally fantastic was the coffee and ice cream. So, appropriately fueled, the lil purple cow, and the lil orange tigs went boxing all around the Fluffy Edge of Doom. . .well, actually, we did some boxing right smack in the middle of it (found half a cow), and some off to the side

(aren't those some interesting bugs and flowers?)

including some in a Gem store that used to have its very own pet squirrel, Hankie. (I love letterboxing, you cannot make this stuff up). We talked to the owners, an absolutely lovely couple in their 80's? who were very concerned no one had been in to find the stamps lately. Although the squirrel died in July, what they have now is a new display room with a bear. 

He looked happy to see me, yes? i like the rawr. . .

 Immediately upon subduing the beast, we went to Lake Lure on a beautiful hike. We found two stamps, using our keen detective skills. Why? Because they both looked like this:

yes, indeed, keen detective skills needed for that. REHIDE THOSE BOXES, PEOPLE!!!
Luckily, the people who had found those two last had not persevered on the "strenuous hike" that Fluffy had set up for people, so her stamps were all adequately covered. . . either that or they couldn't find them. Whatever happened, they were gorgeous and i highly recommend the Donald Ross Nature Trail. 

We then drove west to the Mohican Manly Symbol. It really does look quite. . . manly. Somehow in the movie, it didn't look quite so. . . manly. i'd never been to the town or area before; i am going to have to take Mr. Umbrella back for some hiking up to the falls; we stayed in town today and went (of course - two girls together) shopping. That's where the Her Fluffiness had to leave me (after convincing me that the new green cords just had to be bought - such a deal). i got to drive all by myself through Bat Cave (yes, got the box -although that was one sharp turn into that church parking lot. i was, um, going a little fast as it was, um, a little sooner than i expected that turn to be. . .). Finally, drove home into the setting sun. 

(that's Lake Lure -do NOT attempt photography while driving. That's Fluffy's care up there. Hi Fluffy!!)

Ah. Another good day boxing. Now, i'm going to have to backfill all the fun "Stuff i did this summer" *sigh*  

~ tigs


  1. YAAAAAYYYYY!!! (Waving arms and yaying like Kermit the Frog) Tigster is back! Sounds like you had a good day and was in good hands - and there's pics too! Woo hoo!!!

    One question, though - in the gem store pic - which one are you? It's hard to tell...

    nyuk, nyuk! Just hammin' it up for Goofy!! ;)

  2. I cannot stop laughing!!!! *wiping eyes*
    Ok, for the record, the Mohican Manly Symbol is aka Chimney Rock. Although, ALSO for the record... I shall heretofore call it the Mohican Manly Symbol.

    Thanks SO much for coming to visit... we'll come out your way next!