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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Long Time Coming. . .

so first, a general apology: i haven't been writing. i seem to have this idea that, along with writing, i need to have pictures. And to have pictures, i have to take pictures - which i do, with my Android phone. Problem is, my computer is a Mac, and whereas it *used* to be a joy and a whiz to download pics from my phone to this blog, this computerly illiterate tigger can't quite figure out how to make the sync work. So, i keep putting it off. i'm sorry. that's dumb.

Then, there's the sickies that happen. To be honest, there's been boxing and there's also been a whooooooole lotta napping.

Anyway, the big news is this: we have traded the little Grey Streak (our 13' travel trailer) for a BAM (Big Ass Motorhome) and are about to embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime. The illness is such that i'm retiring on Oct 1, since sleeping seems to have become my major occupation, and Mr. Umbrella commutes via the internet. Thus, he figures i can sleep in the BAM as well as at home, so we're going to do the traveling that we've always wanted to do. This is Good News for all of you. Why? because i will have more time to futz around with phone and 'puter and write. i will also be getting rid of the piece of crap phone i currently have, and getting an iPhone again, which means all will be well in sync land.

Life is good.

And if anyone wants to know what it's like to try and pack stamps, ink, LTC supplies, and tupperware for a YEAR, i can tell you. . .


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  1. Just remember Cruise Control does not do the same thing as Autopilot ;-)
    Don't Panic!