The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey it's me!!

i have finally figured out how to post to this blog!! yeah yeah yeah!! Mr. Bubs has been guiding me (the technically challenged LOL) through the process and now it has all come together and all y'all get to hear me blather on my own terms. So, watch out now!!

Well, it was a big weekend! First, Mr. Umbrella and i celebrated an anniversary on Wednesday. We are so into this kind of thing. Here's how it went: i look at my phone on the way to work, realize the date and say, "Hey! Happy anniversary!" He says, "Oh, is it that time? I forgot!" Good thing we're still in love, or we'd have a complex. i didn't have a chance to do anything really special, but he went out and bought me a pack of scrapbook papers - all elves and fairies! and new markers, and a smurf coloring book (can you say stamps?? yeah - only a letterboxer would get excited about a smurf coloring book for her anniversary LOL). He's such a sweetie.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. We went out to a local hotel with my parents, and then back to their house to play Phase 10, a card game. Talk about complicated! Trying to figure out who is on what phase and who has what color and discarding and counting and - OY!!! it was fun though. . . after i threatened Mr. Umbrella with sleeping in the garage if he won another hand!

Friday, we drove down to western MA for my 30th high school reunion. . . and a little letterboxing. Picked up another nosox series in Easthampton - of course the stamps were perfection because as far as i can tell, that woman IS a laser beam when it comes to carving. i should have checked my iPhone app though - REMEMBER this, people! i missed the other series in the park, and the single that was there, because i forgot to check LbNA before i left. Now i have to go back, sheesh!!

The reunion was seriously bizarre. i don't drink any more - which is not the case of my classmates. Most of them seem to drink like fish. Yes, there was much slobbering, and the people who were jerks then, are still jerks. Some people are still nice and i connected with the 3 people i wanted to; now i never need to go back.

Saturday, i took another couple letterboxing for the first time. If you see fuzzwald on the boards, or in logbooks soon, be NICE to them!! they are friends of mine and just learning. They had a blast. The best thing was letterboxing in my old hometown. i got one of Boxerlover47's Stomping and Stamping boxes, which is planted in a park literally a mile from where i went to high school. That was fun - although it was An Adventure. There's been so much storm damage from the snow storm on Halloween that the woods are a mess! We had to crawl through a tree to get over a bridge, then around a whole bunch of downed trees to find the trail to the box. Plus, since it's fall, there's so many leaves on the ground the trails just aren't that visible. Luckily, BL had included a significant landmark AND a compass reading - both very helpful. That, and a little bit of Freebird's box zen and the box was found. i gotta say, it's so much fun to be with a new boxer and hear their "OH LOOK!! There it is!!"

Finally - and i do mean FINALLY, i can now say i've been boxing in CT, that great state of many boxes. Granted, only in Enfield, just over the line, but it's a start LOL. We got this really cute series by burning feet called Boxers in the Woods. The idea of the series was based on boxers she knows - very cute series. Again, it was An Adventure, given the downed trees and changes in landscape, but very doable. It reminded me that this hobby is so much more than geocaching - we just need to use our brains, and think through the clues. If it doesn't match up, then go back, and think it through, again. Most people don't deliberately mislead you - if there's supposed to be a 4 sister birch and there isn't, you're probably on the wrong trail. There was, however, much discussion between the fuzzwalds and us about what exactly constituted a "leaning snag" before we actually saw it. It was not what any of us had envisioned before we got there. Who knew?

So now, there needs to be much carving before i go ELF. Then, there will be much carving before our church's scavenger hunt after ELF. Then, there's a letterbox Tree to go find, and a kid to pick up in Boston for Christmas. *sigh* no rest for the tiggerly.

peace, tigs


  1. Sounds like an adventuresome weekend! And welcome fuzzwald! Mamatigs is starting to teach new cultists---I mean converts, the way of the Box!! I haven't been to a reunion yet - not sure if I would anyway. But, boxing always makes something like that worth it anyway. Busy, busy tigs - try to fit some sleep in there SOMEWHERE! ;)

  2. So know what you mean about Phase 10 we play it all the time. By the way they make it as a dice game also. And then to complicate things my genius brother added 10 more phases, Yea we don't play those too often. Glad you had a good anniversary and Thanksgiving!!! ***throws confetti and boings along the trail****