The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Friday, January 13, 2012

i hate Winter

but you all are going to love it! i am finally ready to get to some serious blogging. Which is about time, since i have so much to blog about. i have to tell you about the actual ELF event, and then the boxing in NC afterwards, where D of RDHG tried to kill me with her car. And then there's the Great Stamp Hunt of Christmas and the marvelous poem that Mr Umbrella encrypted for me to find my presents (that one comes with pictures). And then Boston - i got to go Squirrel Nutkin's house, where she served wassail and plum pudding and we stamped in glorious comfort during a slush storm.

Why has this not happened before? Well, there was my daughter (henceforth known as The Girl), a serious muggle, who came home from her studies abroad absolutely twitterpated and angst-ridden for Christmas. That took some time. Then there was Christmas - my family decided that they wanted one. i know - how picky, eh? There was decorating and baking up the wazoo, and present-buying. Oy. Not a single letterbox carved or found during the whole thing.

And then -then ` the piece de resistence~ i got the influenza. Yup, the actual flu, and ran a fever for 5 whole days. Over New Year's. Missed O Letterbox Tree down in Bellingham and everything (and 3 days' work but that wasn't the tragedy).

However, i have finally stopped coughing, The Girl is back in England, and the snow is on the ground. Now all there is to do is write, carve, plot and connive. Yup, i'd say y'all are in trouble!!


  1. Tigs, since you said that you wrote this BEFORE the ELF event, I read it again. One of us could be losing it. What words do you see? The words that I see tell all about the ELF event AFTER is was over. Haha!

    PS You do not have to tell people what happened at NC. Without evidence, no one would believe you, anyway.

  2. i wrote the entry AFTER the ELF event, but it's not ABOUT the ELF event. it's about the night BEFORE the ELF event. . .
    and of COURSE i have to write about NC boxing. i actually do have pictures. . .

  3. OOOOOH! LOL...okay. I was SO confused. Hehe. In that case, I am looking forward to reading about the actual event.

    Uh-oh! Photographs of me are not required. Teehee. 8^P