The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

well, we've been dead in the water. . .

and i take half the blame for it. . . but only half, i tell ya!! there's another blogger on here as well, and he's just not pulling his weight either! yeah!! i'd say we all just poke him with an inkblot and make him write!! that's what i say!

As for me, what have i been doing since last i wrote? well, the unfortunate thing is, having a migraine. yeah, one llllllooooooonnngg ucky migraine. off and on, mostly on. i did get some boxing in - the Vermont Zombie series in Richmond is just as fun to do when you have to chip them out of their tombstones as it is in October, in case any of you are wondering (although that warm cup of coffee came in handy for the one frozen into a puddle - no damage to pouch or stamp!) Which leads me to this observation: long duct tape pouches are great in the summertime; in the wintertime, it's REALLY difficult to get them supple enough to let go of those little treasures at the bottom of them. Tucking them under shirts works - although that leaves the boxer on the thoroughly chilled side as well. In case you are wondering. . .

There is now a sneakier Pete in VT as well as one in NH - and both have now been found. There have been questions about the sound of velcro. Sheesh! you people need to take noisy companions with you!! And for those of you who live in NC, stay tuned. Pete just might be sneaking your way. Keep humming that theme song from Mission Impossible. Dum Duh, Da dum dah duh duh, , , ,deeedle dee daaaa deeeddle dee da!! deeedle dee da, da da daaa dum dum, , , , da da da dum dum. . .

What have i been carving? Dead people as usual. i just finished Jackie for a Murder Mystery in NC. Everyone kept getting me scared about carving eyes. Um. . . it wasn't that bad. What i keep having problems with is fabric. Does anyone else have trouble with fabric? Mine just looks like i scratched a bunch of lines in places and it looks stooopid. *sigh* The rest looks pretty cool - but this texture thing? yeah, i suck. Well, there's always the next one, which is Ava i think. . .
More later, church is calling



  1. Feel free to take less than half the blame even - you are absolutely correct. I've been wanting to write about O Letterbox Tree and our only other boxing adventure since then, but haven't yet. So hopefully, through your chastisement and correction, I will get back into the swing of things.

    Until then, go suck on a lemon.

    (Just kidding!!! Put the knife down!)

    Hope your migrainy is gone, hope you and Mr. U are well, and more later!

  2. i HAVE been sucking lemons. what's your excuse? huh? huh? something like, "oh i had to build a whole house by myself" i bet. Or, "it's so cold i couldn't find anything boxworthy to write about" Huh. The noive.

    *sigh* you just can't get good help on a blog these days.

  3. My my. Someone really has been sucking on lemons. I have conceded to your point, willingly accepted the majority of the blame, and wished you and yours well. And then you procede to berate me? I have never been so humiliated in allll my life! Except on too many numerous and uncountable occasions... Yes! The noive!!

    Besides, I did say that I did have two boxworthy things to write about, so please bring to mind the mental image of me. With my tongue stuck out at you and hands at either side of my head, thumbs on temples and fingers waving back and forth at you.

    And how are you doing this fine week, Mr. Umbrella? Staying warm? Keeping busy? Oh, I see. Yes, I understand. Oh, no, no. I won't tell her you said that. I can certainly only imagine what you must be going through...