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Monday, February 20, 2012

You made me ink!!

So there was so much posting back and forth about how Dew Drops were on sale at Joann's that of course i had to go check it out on Saturday. i don't have any Dew Drops because they're so dang expensive, and it sounded like a great way to start collecting a few. Alas, our Joann's had not heard of this nation-wide sale (which is not surprising, here in the wilds of Newmont, Canada) - although they were, indeed have a 30% off all inks and stamps sale. That, coupled with a 55% off coupon, meant that i picked up these little beauties for $3.16 and tax:

Now i realize a lot of people aren't fond of Rubber Stampede, but frankly, this is the second set of these babies i've had. They are small and rugged and come in these two sets of colors: primary and pastel. After 3 (i think it's been almost 3 - i should have checked my anniversary before i came over to post. . .) years of running around in my pack, the only reason i got a new set is because they were on sale. No drying out - the cover of the ink itself has a tendency to fall off, but it doesn't seem to interfere with the stamping up process. There are 4 corners on each pad for delicate work (although i do prefer markers for multicolored stamps). They're light-weight, cheap, and small (1" square).

The one problem with them is that, left unaltered, their lids fall off in your pack. So, how do you fix that? Plain old scotch tape. Make a hinge on one side of the square by taping the top lid to the base and voila! the lid never falls off, and it never opens in your pack.
So there you have it. i sort them into color families, pack them in ziplocks and store them in my bright pink, Hello Kitty Lunch bag in my letterboxing backpack.

boing boing boing


  1. I love the taping-the-lid suggestion for the ink cases, but seriously?! "bright pink, Hello Kitty Lunch bag"?! I'm beginning to wonder about you...

    And what are you doing in Canada?! Boy, you sure travel alot...

  2. yup, BRIGHT pink, Bubs - and if you don't watch out, i'm getting you one!! maybe with a My Little Pony on it . . . i can just see it now. . . .

    and i didn't say i was IN Canada, i said i live in Newmont, Canada - right up here on the border, eh? where the lines are thin, eh? where ye don' really know which is where or when, eh? By Jeezum!!