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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catching Up On Boxing Reports, Part 2 Of 3

Back to the blog.  As promised here is part two of our letterboxing so far for 2012.  But before I tell the tale, let me say two things - first, special thanks to Guzzy for hosting our first ltc tracker-swap-exchange thingy.  We're looking forward to seeing all those creative cards.  And again, I'd like to publically apologize to EnergyStar and all of those involved in his 2012 stamp swap.  I had to drop out last minute and really wish I could've stayed in.  *sigh*

Ok, on with the report.  And tigs!  No back-talk from you, or I'll release your shoes back into the wild where they can roam free and air out, and believe me, they'll thank me!

On February 4th, BB3 and I headed down to Haverhill, Mass to hunt for Solo-wanderer's Nature Series.  It was a beautiful day and we had been itchin' to get out there and find some boxes.  So we loaded up the car and headed down there.  However, this was going to be a unique and memorable experience that would change the way we box forever!  Well, at least a little bit.

See, we have a dog.  A very unique dog.  Her name is Cole (cuz she's mostly black and I got her for BB3 for Christmas so that she would have "Cole" in her stocking), and she is half black lab and half fathead....I mean, pit bull.  She's friendly and lovable, but boy, can she be wound up at times.  She thinks she's at Six Flags every time we go somewhere new.  So, we've never taking her boxing with us, because trying to keep up with her and have her wait while we grabbed a box and stamped in just wouldn't have meshed.  She definately has ADD.  But, with it being winter, she hasn't gone on as many long walks, so I wanted to take her along.  If it had been a fiasco, it all would've been on my head, and BB3 made sure I knew that.

But, Cole's over a year older since we first got her (she's over two now, and we got her from the spca, fyi), and I'm happy to report she had just as great a time as we did, and she wasn't a problem every time we stopped for a box.  She even had a good nose for knowing which trails we needed to take, though we still haven't even come close to getting her to locate a box for us.  She could care less about them.  But, she's boxing with us, and I'm glad for it.  Don't believe me?  Well, here she is with us:

This was a pretty cool area to hike - the terrain wasn't too difficult, the boxes were well spaced and the clues were well done.  There were a couple of boxes missing, but that didn't take away from our first boxing hike of this year.  The weather was great, we found some cool stamps, and we saw a few sights along the way that were a little unusual, but in a good way.  First, we saw this:

Up our way, we see Canadian geese all the time.  But always at least several of them together, and sometimes whole giant flocks of them.  This guy or gal was all alone, no other geese anywhere in sight.  It kept an eye on us, but never took off.  I kinda felt bad for it...

We kept on moving along, and it wasn't long at all before we came up on this fella...

What? What's the problem? Can't see it? Ok, take a look at this one...

Now, we see great blue herons occasionally, and they are always a great bird to see.  However, they always seem to be skittish and if you get anywhere near them they take off.  At least, that has always been our experience.  Now, I don't know if it was just that hungry or that bold or just used to people, but this guy never took off and just kept picking at things in the water.  That last pic was not zoomed in at all, and we've never been able to get that close to one.  Might be a small thing for some, but it was great bonus for us.

Thanks SW!!!  Definately a memorable time, and yes, we've already forgotten about you trying to eat our brains.  Not that BB3....I mean, Cole, has any....

If you need me, I'll be on the couch.  Til next time, burn the candle at both ends - you'll get twice the light.  ;)

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  1. Oh the wonders of a dog! we had two we used to box with - and no, they can't seem to find tupperware in the woods. So much for "critters will find it and chew on it!"

    and stop complaining about my sneaks! Your boots beat my sneaks and then some!!