The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Traveling Tigger Boxer

So, when i head out on the trail, be it in airplane, car or hike mode, part of the problem is that i don't know how to stop, really. It's the tigger thing: i start with the boing, and the boinging continues basically until i drop. Time of day means nothing. Dark means nothing. Hunger is one of those things that Mr. Umbrella often has to remind me of - or, HE gets really REALLY grumpy which means i'd better feed him soon or he becomes The Shoes and letterboxing will cease!

Why is this important? Well, because when i get back home, i crash. And then it takes me a while to get a blog up. Because life has this nasty way of interfering. There's this tacky thing called a Job which seems to think it has some demand on my time *rolls eyes* and this silly thing called a House that needs to be cleaned for health reasons *taps foot impatiently* Anyway, i've been busy.

If you're a friend on FB, well then you know i've been out and about. At the end of February, Mr. Umbrella decided i had had enough of cold weather and sent me off to Florida to visit a friend. This friend is a serious noxer. We went to a conference together in Cocoa Beach and met up with another friend. i tried very VERY hard to turn both of them into boxers; it didn't work. Well, it sort of did. The second friend i took to a turkey feathers box right on Cocoa Beach - she was seriously bitten by the bug and i successfully created a monster. All the AQ people: please welcome Boujiemama from Sarasota!!! *there was much rejoicing!!* The first friend -well, she even found the box in this picture:
and STILL didn't like. It's "too much work." *sigh* All she did was look down and go, "Oh i see it!!" The noive of some people!

Two weeks later, Mr. Umbrella and i went off on the long-planned adventure of RDHG's Birthday Murder Mystery. It was a blast! We wandered around Mooresville, went into a sewer in Charlotte, watched R tried to slice off his finger in the name of letterboxing fun (no we don't have pictures but it was indeed gruesome),

hiked all over downtown Charlotte and the Latta Plantation. i highly recommend getting to events in other parts of the country. i highly recommend coming to Vermont so i can ferry you around and show you where i box!

(i never know whether to show you all pictures of where i have boxed or not. It's kind of weird. i want it to be a surprise for when you get there, ya know? it's half the fun of boxing, figuring out where you're going. )
OK, more later. We gotta get to work. Next up, Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT.


  1. I can box all day and not worry about food, either. BB3 on the other hand, is like Mr. U. I can't help it! I hate wasting the time eating when I could be boxing!

    Welcome to the club, Boujiemama, and I gotta ask, how'd ya get the trailname? Just curious...

    Only a few days, tigs - we're bad enough on our own, so I can just imagine the carnage that'll happen this weekend... ;)

  2. i'm a girl scout through and through and carry food and water in my backpack in case we don't stop for food..

  3. Oh, we always have water, and we usually have something in the backpack like granola bars, clif bars, paydays. But then again, I don't eat breakfast or lunch normally, so....

    And don't think I didn't notice you trying to call poor Mr. U "The Shoes" up there, trying to shift the blame and all.....geez!

  4. Sorry, I have to eat.....or I start to get slow and tired and grumpy......Body needs glucose to keep going!! Just sayin!

  5. OK, note to self: must bring provisions in the pack so that BB3 and Mr. U don't complain too much. Got it! Moleskin: check! lots o' snacks: check! silver ink:check! a huge pack o' clues that is overly ambitious and we'll probably finish anyway in the dark (remember your flashlights):check!!

  6. Not only did you create a monster, I've brought the rest of my kin into the clan. We haven't let a weekend go past without a LB expedition or carving. Printed out every clue left in 2200 square miles just because we can keep it in the car (man I wish I had an iphone!) Loving the game, remembering to carry a whacking stick (after my reptile encounter second time out).

  7. whacking sticks are good!! gloves work well too - fire ants are nasty little critters you don't want to touch. Remember that for down where you are.