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Saturday, March 31, 2012

And We Sprang, All Right!!!

Tigs is getting on my case to write - I believe her words were something like, "Get in there and post something, or I'll gut you like a fish!!!"  I could be paraphrasing a little, but you know tigs...

Anyway, let me start by shouting out some very special "Thank You"s to some very special people.  First, Thank You to Mom, who put us up in her house so that we could attend Teeker's event, and for helping us get out there and box, and all the stuff in between!  Thank You to Teeks, who opened up her house to us, had some great stuff out and about, cooked up some great food, and did a fantastic job laying out the "road map" for us at Hubbard Park - that was truly awesome!  Thank You to the Tigster and her faithful sidekick Captain Umbrella, for spending the day with us, becoming closer friends, and making it one of the most memorable days EVER!  And Thank You everyone that came to the event, hit the trails, and from what I can tell, made the Teekster one happy camper about hosting this event!

Ok, so here's how the day of Teeker's Spring Into The Equinox event went.  Well, let me back up just a bit.  I am a night person.  I do not like mornings.  But in light of this event and the eagerness to box, I was determined to go to bed early and get up early.  I went to bed early.  I did not sleep.  I tossed, turned, tossed again.  Just couldn't do it.  I did finally doze off sometime after 2:30 am - that was the last time I remember looking at the clock - and woke here and there, getting about two hours of sleep.  But know what?  Too bad!  It was time to get up and go boxing, and I was up before BB3, who slept like a log!  I was a grumbly ol' bear like I am in the morning, but I was anxious to get out there.

We made it over to Teeks house around 8 am.  I greeted Teeks and Tigs with my giant green St. Patrick's Day hat and Big Bad Boa, a large green stuffed snake that's been hanging in my son's room for years - I forget where we got it - Six Flags or something like that.  Anyway, tigs did not even bat an eyelash.  Remember this for later in the story.  We went around the house and did some stamping, but it didn't take us long to head on over to Hubbard Park - Tigs was anxious and so was I.

After a brief stop at a nearby Dunkin Donuts, we were at Hubbard Park.  We started with Teeker's Silver series, plus a few others that we could find along the way in that section of the park.  That was a good series to start the day with, and we saw some cool sights along the way.  After we finished that series, we headed back to the car and grabbed a snack and quick potty break.  Mr. U was the first to brave the port-a-potty, of which he warned us that it had WELL exceeded it daily capacity.  Tigs and BB3 found that out the hard way.  I peed in the woods.

We moved the car, then went and found some individual boxes, and also started Teek's Show and Tell series.  We made the first loop of that one, and when we found that we were back at the car to begin the next loop, BB3 and Mr. U declared mutiny and made tigs and I walk the plank into the car, to head back to Teek's house for food.  Tigs and I protested, but to no avail.  So, we got them grub, left the house, got stuck in traffic because of the parade passing Teeker's street, and as I recall, there were a few instances in that whole hi-jacking trip where BB3 had to admit I was right.  She really hates that.

Ok, so we're back at the park, and back boxing.  Somewhere in there we found the famous "I found a plastic snake and scared the kabookie outta tigs" geocache, though I swear I was not trying to scare her.  Honest!  We hiked and hiked, found many many boxes, and finished the day, much to the pleasure of Mr U, BB3 and even tigs, I think.  We had, after all, in the course of the day, hiked over 14 miles.  It was our best hiking/finding boxes day ever!

We headed back to Teek's house, and by then we were all hungry.  When we got back, most had gone home.  We did see TallDave, Flip-flopper, Duck-kokopelli, Musicnote, and Keepupwjoneses out on the trails that day (I think that was it, but could be wrong.).  We also met Grade A Penguins, Dino Dan, and LG at the house during the day, and I also got to see my ol' pal Guzzy during the break.  When we got back to the house at night, we got to meet SoGrateful and her two boys, AND we got a brief audience with Teek's hubby!  I know there were others earlier, but we missed them - shoot!  Hopefully next time...

Anyway, we chowed down, went out and found Teek's glow-in-the-dark night boxes, chatted a bit, then BB3 and I said our good-nights and headed back to mom's house.  It was quite the monumentous day, just in every aspect and all the way around.  AND, BB3 and I found our 1000th box that day!  That was the cherry on top!  Woo hoo!  So thank you EVERYONE that helped, participated, contributed and all-in-all made this such a memorable day!!  We'll never forget this one!  Ok, enough rambling - my next post will be about our (BB3 and me) boxing adventures the next day, that Sunday, before we headed home.  Stay tuned!  Until then, here's some of our pics - and hey tigs!!!  You gotta send me the pic of me in the tower!

The duck pond at Hubbard Park
In search of Silver!
Another view of the duck pond - note that the daffodils were already in bloom.
I found me a new bald buddy!
Me and Mr. Umbrella (aka "The Packmules") crossing I-691
Mr. U having a good time - tigs and I focused on the clues.
Uuhhhhh, ummmmmm, uhhhh, huh?
"Psssst!  Let's push him off the edge!"
"I heard that!  I'm gettin' outta here!"
Hmmm.  This island looks familiar - you should remember it...

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