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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Keeping up with. . .

i'm working on current. i'm trying for current. it's much much much more interesting to boing through the forest than it is to sit still and write about it to all y'all. Bubs, why o why did i let you talk me into this? "it will be fun" he said. "there will be two of us, so it won't be a burden" he said. "Besides, everyone knows how silly we get," he said. . . yeah, well. it was that last bit that got me.

Anyway, we - the infamous Team Tiggaboopaloo - have just returned from running the trails of Mount Killamountahoopdedoopee in Hubbard Park in CT at the Spring into The Equinox event, much much fun had by all. The Teeker is an EXCELLENT hostess (insert much well deserved applause right here), with two phenomenal series of excellent clues that made the park's bajillion (slightly more than a bazillion, take my word for it) easy to organize and find. . . although we did not find them all. We missed . . . about 17 by my count, of those listed on AQ. Then again, it wasn't for lack of trying. 11 hours, 14.6 miles (Bubs' phone has an app), one seriously exhausted Mr. Umbrella and total darkness. Where's the Land of the Midnight Sun when you need it??? WE did manage 58 of them. Or was it 57? The count keeps changing a bit.

What else did We find? Well, Bubs found a geocache. What did the geocache have in it? Now, before all y'all guess, did ANYONE read my post before we all left for the event? yes?? and exactly WHAT did i tell Himself NOT to put in his pack? yes. . . so he didn't put the plastic snake in his pack. No, he did not; he was quite clear on that one, as he held it just to the side of my left ear. Through his laughter, he explained innocently enough that he found it in the geotrash, so he thought it would be all right.

What part of NO SNAKES does that man not understand?????? Especially since this was literally 3 minutes after Mr Umbrella helpfully pointed out the live garter snake he'd found in the rocks we were looking in for the box. Hmmph. Men.

All kidding aside, it's really true: Bubs and Betty, you're good friends. The laughs and talking were worth more than the boxes. Thanks.

(Although, Bubs, you pull that trick with the snake again? i'm invoking The Betty).


  1. *sigh* Silly tigger - you don't ALWAYS have to post, and I didn't twist your arm! Too hard... But it IS great to hear about your travels in here, as I'm sure most of our readers would agree, so see? You're doing a public service and should be proud of it!

    One small correction - I think it should be called "Team Tiggaboopaloo U" - Mr. Umbrella was an important part of our excursion. We could even start a college with that name! ;)

    And don't forget that I did show up in the morning with Big Bad Boa, and you didn't jump at him! ;)

    And all kidding aside - YOU are great friends, I'd box with you any day, any time, in all kinds of weather, and I'm mad as hell that you're moving so far away!!! (Ok, not that mad, but still...)


  2. think of it this way: it gives you a place to travel to - and all those new boxes and places to hike!! 8-;-) see? there is method to my madness.