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Friday, March 9, 2012

Catching Up On Boxing Reports, Part 3 Of 3

I'm glad to see that I got my warning out in time, especially for those who could've been in danger this weekend down in NC, so let's get back to the fun and enjoyment of what we really like to do best, and that being letterboxing!  I'm sure tigs will appreciate the attention being shifted, if for nothing else, so that she can plan my demise.  So, back to boxing reports!

On February 18th, we headed over to Bow, NH, to find some of Team New Hampshire's boxes, specifically their State History series, which being a NH'er myself, sounded like a great set of stamps to get, and it was!  Of course, I had planned on getting more that day as well, but I always plan on getting more than I ever actually do, and yet our haul for the day was uplifting noththeless.

We started by getting their "Remember When" box first, which was up the road from the History series at a nice spot on a nice trail.  We went and found the box, then headed back to the car, and were almost blocked in at that point, because it looked like someone across the street was having some kind of party, and there were alot of cars parked in the trail's tiny parking area and along the street.  But we were able to squeak on out of there, and head over to the big catch of the day.

BB3 and Cole starting out at "Remember When"
This was our second time bringing Cole along with us, she did great, and she was "dog tired" by the end of the day, for sure!
Cole at Buffalo Rock
This whole area was a great hike, and TNH took us along some really cool trails. 

There was a little snow on the ground, and we did hit a few slippery spots, but I think we picked a really good time to travel along these paths.  It was cool enough so that we weren't breaking too much of a sweat, but not so cold that our fingers were numb or had to wear too many layers.  And no bugs!  I love that about this time of year!  So after a great day of stamping and hiking, we finally headed home.  I think Cole was glad...

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