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Monday, June 4, 2012

One Amazed And Special Thank You

Before I got back to posting about the few recent boxing activities we've had, I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you that have subscribed to our babblings, foolings around and our accounts of what we do and see while we are out on the trails.  Both tigs and I have enjoyed this little joint adventure, and while it was never meant to be something of epic proportions or something that would eat up too much of our boxing time, we have had some fun with it and have enjoyed sharing things with you in a little bit of a more personal way.

I occasionally check my profile page to see how many subscribers I have, and I also look at tiggy's page to see how many have subscribed through her.  You see, due to the fact that AQ can't distinguish between which one of us puts up the posts, since blogs are generally a single person's venture, each post shows up as posted by the person you subscribe to.  For example, if you subscribed to the blog through tig's page, and I make a post, it still shows up on your widget as posted by tigs.  I asked Ryan about it, he explained it, and so it is what it is, and its really no big deal, because once you click on the link, you can tell by reading the blog who actually created the post.

But what has surprised and amazed me, is that between tigs and myself, at this particular moment in time, there are 1,716 of you fantastic boxers that have subscribed to us through AQ.  I am just utterly amazed that so many of you have jumped on board and have wanted to hear about what tigs and Mr U., and me and BB3, and once in a while the 4 of us, do and see and find and cut up about!  Now granted, some of you might have subscribed to both of our links, which is definately possible and highly likely, so perhaps I may have "let the cat outta the bag" and perhaps will see some numbers drop a bit - I don't know if you happen to see two links show up for each post or not, if you happen to subscribe to both.  But that's quite ok with me.  I'm just surprised and overjoyed by the many of you who take the time to check us out, and whatever our numbers are, it doesn't matter - I'm just greatful for each and every one of you that has looked us up and decided that, hey!  I want to keep an eye on what these wackos are saying!

So, THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every one of you!  I would have never dreamed that so many of you would find our stories interesting enough to watch for, and we want you to know that we appreciate and value you just for being here, checking in once in a while, and adding to our little corner of the blogging and boxing world.  Sincerely and truly,



  1. well, Bubs, they're not going to keep an eye on what us wackos are saying - unless us wackos START SAYING IT!!! That's right, you!! Get cracking!! Post Post Post!! Where are those blogs, Boy!! Get 'em on here!! i want pictures!! or else. . . it's. . . The Shoes. . .

  2. Ohhhhh, tigs. You sure are bossy! Geez! But since you've threatened me with your unmentionables, I guess I better get some pics in here real soon. ;)

    And thanks for the confetti, Gg!! But this time, the confetti is for you guys, not us! ;)

  3. Well I want to hear more about Tigs adventures! Where are all those Alaska pics? Stop packing and start posting. please?

  4. Yeah!! I wanna see 'Laska pics too!! Big Daddy can pack while you post!

    Hey, wait a minute - why do you want to hear from tigs??? Are you saying my posts aren't good enough for ya?! Why, I oughta...