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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Small One....

Since my ol' buddy ol' pal Tiggasaurus Rex kindly and graciously asked to see some photos (check the last post while I stop choking), I figured I would do so by telling you about a couple of our boxing adventures.  One was a small trip that took us into Barrington, NH, which isn't too far from us, and the other was a big trip, which took us to Cheshire, CT, to a great event that bossy ol' tigs missed out on, so there!  Pbbbbtttt!!!

(Long pause inserted here, where I had to run for a while.)

Ok, now that I'm back from running, let's start with Barrington.  There are quite a few boxes in this town, and quite a few interesting spots.

Richardson Pond at the Goodwill Conservation Area
Thanks to a bit of history from NatureMamaB6, we learned how we were able to enjoy this lovely piece of land:

"On December 31, 2008 a lady by the name of Carolyn Goodwill sold this 156 acre parcel of land to the Town of Barrington for about 60% of its appraised value in order to conserve the property. There is several thousand feet of frontage on Rt. 9 and Young Road. Had Carolyn Goodwill not sold her property to the town, at some point, this land probably would have been developed into house lots because of its central location and scenic waterfront uplands. This lady did not want that to happen."

Thanks NM!  And I mention NM, because while we stopped at one of the places we had planned on boxing, we found out that a girl scout troop was on their way there to find the boxes, and they were being brought in by NatureMama!  So after past correspondense and the finding of others of her boxes, we finally got to meet!  Woo Hoo!!!!!  We had Cole with us that day as well, and she also had a blast in Barrington.

There were also several boxes at the Pine Grove Cemetery, which has a really great veteran's memorial section with some nice tributes to our soldiers, and others, who fought for our freedom.  You'll also notice that the flags were at half mast, and this was because of Chief Maloney - it was amazing how many towns showed their support and best wishes for him and the other wounded officers.

Cole thought she had found a boyfriend!
We also found boxes at two different ice cream places (we got cones at one of them),

A hidden memorial along the side of the road,

And back at the trails where we met up with NM, which also had a cool little amphitheater that was loaded with blueberry shrubs.

We finished the day by grabbing the few boxes that were in Lee, which was right next door, and got the last one just as it was getting dark, from a cool little cemetery along the edge of a farm.  So, thank you Barrington, Lee, NatureMama and the GS, and everyone else that made our trip that day a great one!

And relax, tigster - I'll write about the big one reaaaal soon, and yes, there will be pics.......sigh........

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