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Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Wakeda Week!!!

Ok, notes and things to remember and updates and requests.  Here we go:

First, please let me know if you have reserved your site and where you will be staying.  I have been checking in with the office at Wakeda, but since I know most of you by trailnames, and they only know you by real names, I want to make sure I have an accurate list here, so that if nothing else, I'll know who's who!  But it'll be helpful for everyone attending as well.

And if you haven't reserved yet, please do so, and let them know that you are with the letterboxing group.  They are holding this section for us and telling non-boxers that the sites are unavailable, so let them know that you are with the group.

Here is a list of what we need some of you to bring as far as food is concerned:

Plastic cutlery
Styrofoam/hot coffee cups
Plastic/cold cups
Salad dressing
Parmesan cheese
Chips (optional)
Any breakfast items you'd like to add/share, such as bagels, muffins, etc.

I'm only listing things NOT on the potluck sign-up, but it would also be a good idea if more than one person brought things like plates, napkins, cups, condiments, etc.  But also going by the potluck list, it looks like we have a good variety of foods and some sound delicious!!

Like I said before, please feel bring to bring along event boxes, pt's, WOM's - and you can either leave them at event central, site XL9, or have them at your own site.

I WILL have a clue book for everyone, listing the boxes at the campground, along with several others in the area that were planted with the event in mind, though not directly connected with it.  Feel free to print out and bring along any other clues you'd like to find in the area, two of note would be the Strawberry Shortcake and Super Scary series in Exeter.  The NH Symbols series is over in that same trail network, but that set of clues will also be in the book.

I also have two different campground maps for everyone, so its not necessary to grab any at the office.  Unless you want more than one, which some of you might.  ;)

Make sure you crowd in around Don't Panic.  He loves that sort of thing.  ;)

I don't think the trading post will be open on our weekend, but they will have a concession truck there at certain times that weekend with some food stuffs (I'm not sure exactly what).  It will be parked up at the trading post, and one thing of note, is that they will be cooking breakfast (again, not sure what all they will have) on Sunday morning, so we thought this might be a nice alternative for breakfast on Sunday morning.  Just something to keep in mind, and if I get more info, I'll let you know.

SO FAR, and we know how NE weather is, but it looks like Friday is going to be WARM.  Tonight's weather showed Friday at a high of 91.  Hopefully no rain like this weekend!  But plan for both hot and cold temperatures - ya just never know.

They are reserving the pavilion for us for Saturday, so if groups want to hang out there to stamp, or if we do end up with rain, we'll have that at our disposal.

They do have security at both the gate and that walk the grounds at night. Remember this - I'll tell you why at the end of this post. ;) I did tell the guys patrolling to stop in and grab some food if they want, so we might have a few extra guests for a little bit.


Registration stickers must be visible.

Quiet Time: 10 PM to 8 AM.
Site check-out time: 3 PM. Please check out on final day.
Cabin check-out time: 11 AM. Please check out on final day.
All guests must check in at office.
No small children in bathrooms or game area without an adult.
Fire must be completely contained in fireplace and less than 2 feet high.
No campfires after midnight.
No firearms or firecrackers allowed in campgroud.
Please do not cut or mar trees or tie things to them.
Our water supply does not allow the washing of vehicles.
Please do not wash dishes at water taps or sinks in restrooms.
Remember this is a family campground, please use appropriate language at all times.
Must be 18 years of age to rent sites.
Nighttime, emergencies, call the office (603-772-5274) for instructions.
Pets must be quiet, leashed, and cleaned up after.
No tents on Pull Thrus or Cabin sites.
Must be 21 to drink alcohol, on site only.
Site rates based on 2 adults and 3 children.
Only one camping unit per site.

Check in at the office when you arrive and make sure you get a pass.  Once at your site, there should be no more than 2 cars on a site, and they can't block the roads.  I do have permission to use any empty sites in our section for extra cars, but there is also an overflow parking area not far from our sites - see me if you need to park in the overflow and I'll show you exactly where it is.

They do have some gift-type items, along with some very basic camping things in the office.  They also have ice and firewood.  Just like everywhere else these days, all firewood must be purchased there, not brought in from anywhere else.

Most Wakeda personnel know about the boxes, but not all campers and seasonal will - we shouldn't have any problems, but if a box goes missing let me know.  It's possible that they might get turned into the office if someone stumbles across one and doesn't know what to do with it.

I think that's about it for the moment - of course, the "moment" is almost here!  Again, there are boxes and plenty do in the area, but also just plan on relaxing - I don't want this to be a crazy busy event, and I don't want anyone to get too overwhelmed by stamps and inks and logbooks.  Take your time, enjoy the grounds and don't let tigs' boinging wind you up.  Remember, her top is made out of rubber, and her bottom is made out of springs.  ;)

Oh, and remember what I said about the security at Wakeda?  Well, as of last week, I'm not only a camper at Wakeda - I'm also an employee.  ;)  Yup, I'm now working this summer as part of the night security crew.  I worked last night and the night before, and even in the rain, really enjoyed it.  I mean, I'm a night owl, so having a supplemental job where I get to stay up late and hike around all night?  And get paid for it?  It was one of those "stars lined up" opportunities.  So don't cause any trouble!!  ;)

Looking forward to seeing everyone - good luck and safe travels!!!


  1. i'll bring all the paper supplies - that's the easiest thing. consider paper plates, napkins and cups done!!

  2. That's fantastic that you work there now! Rock on! :) Also, everyone, don't forget to carve a totem PT of your signature stamp. This stamp must be no more than one inch wide at the top and the bottom, and no wider than 3 inches in the middle. This will insure that when we put all the PTs together, they make one big totem pole! Thanks! :)

  3. I'll stop by BJs and get the parm. cheese and salad dressings. Anything else? With a 3 hr car ride and only a cruddy cooler for the amount of space I'll have...I can't bank on too much cold or pre-made foods. Congrats on the job...sounds very ideal though!

    1. Teeks, Salad dsg and parm cheese is fine :) And Tigs...paper goods is needed/plastic silverware is too! And gollygee AWESOME event stamp :) only 3 days away people!!!!!!!! And great weather in the forcast!!! Can't wait!

    2. "I'll stop by BJs...Congrats on the job"

      I just LOVE misquoting Teeker - my newest hobby!!!!


  4. Bubbaloo Magoo TYTY and I are such trouble makes that is why we bring Aslin puppy to keep us in line. I might have cold cups around will check do we need soda. CVS has it on sale.

    1. Bring whatever you feel you can, but don't feel obligated either - looks like we have a great amount already! And I'll explain the rules to Aslin to make sure he keeps you two in check. ;)

  5. i bought 200 paper plates, 500 napkins and 200 plastic cups. no silverware. someone else will have to handle that. . .

    1. Oh, we'll have the silver at the event. But it won't be ware - we asked for plastic. Yeah - make sense of THAT until the event! ;)

  6. Bubs is babbling again.........hurry up Wakeda :)

  7. Pixie & SpritesMay 29, 2013 at 7:36 PM

    I can bring plastic ware!!!

  8. Thanks Pixie :) See you and your sprites in couple days!