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Monday, May 13, 2013

Wakeda Pics To Whet Your Appetite

I spent Friday afternoon over at Wakeda walking the grounds and taking pictures, starting to plan what will go where, answer a few of my own questions and get more in to the zen of the event.  I will also, hopefully, be meeting with Amanda from Wakeda on Monday to ask more questions and do some more planning.  So after tomorrow I'll have even more info for you, but until I post again, here are some pics for you to look at, to make sure you stay focused on the more important things in life, like attending this event!  ;)

A recent discovery of mine and an interesting view...

The Airfield

Blueberries are already flowering...
Its nice to see green instead of white!  ;)
If we fill the "XL" section, the "X" section is right next to us as well.
Cabin K10, and the bathrooms and showers
Cabin K11 - I wonder who is staying there?  ;)
A quick semi-peek in one of the cabins...
Site E51, further into the grounds...
...which is set back a little ways into the woods.
The campground coffee shop and perhaps a small space for stamping...
The Pavilion - an important place to remember, especially if it rains!
Another important place to remember...
...and another!  ;)
And finally, the totems have their hats off and are all dressed up, waiting for you to come see them!

More info in a few days, so until then, make sure you make your reservations if you haven't already, bundle up your boxes and inks, and get your camping equipment out - it'll be here before we all know it!


  1. Where is this? It reminds me of a GS camp that I stayed at one time.

  2. It is Wakeda Campground Hampton Falls, NH