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Friday, August 23, 2013

Starting The Flow

Sorry.  Nothing major to post yet, and I still haven't finished the long post I was working on.  Plus, there is Acres and EotW and many other things I have wanted to write about but haven't gotten to yet.  Bare with me folks - I'm workin' on it!

However, with all the Wak-o buzz on AQ, I did just update the Wakeda Page on our blog.  You'll notice the menu at the top of our blog says "Wakeda 2014" now.  I combed through the discussion board, and hopefully have everyone's sight correctly listed.

I also asked tonight in the office if I could get a list of those who have registered for the event so far, but none of the reservations are in the computer yet.  They can't get placed in there until this year is over.  However, I'll be able to contact Amanda throughout the winter for any updates and questions, and by January I'll be able to get quicker updates as to what sites are reserved.

ALSO - please note, since this is completely brand new and not even on the maps yet, but the whole south side of the XL section, through to XL 23 - now has electricity on those sites.  In other words, the current map shows electricity stops on XL 13.  Now, 9 -23 (odd numbers only) have electricity.  I don't know if more sites in there are getting power - I'll try to remember to ask tomorrow.

We're working on planning already, will be posting next year's theme very soon and start requests for stamps, and are looking forward to all of your help and input so that we can me make next year's event even better.

And for cryin' out loud, all you Wak-os!  I'll be too busy to be moving anyone's tent!!!  Geez!!



That's how that whole thing started.  *sigh*  I'll never be able to get out from under this...


Of course, while all of y'all are so focused on tent moving, you've also so quickly forgotten that I said I wouldn't do the same thing twice.  Just like lightnin', baby!  ;) ;)

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