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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Playing Catch-Up, Part 1

Yes, its been a while since I've been in here.  I know.  But now that the holidays are past and things aren't so hectic, along with starting to gear up for Wakeda, I figure that I should at least do a little catching up on what we've been up to since I've last been in here.  And I'm always up for a chance to pick on Tigs.  Hey Tigs!  Why haven't you been in here, you bouncy rascal, you!!!  ;)

So, looking back through my past posts, I've left out quite a bit from last summer onward.  So, I'll start with our next event after Wakeda, which was the Acres of Boxing event headed up by Jiffy at the Acres of Wildlife campground in Steep Falls, ME.  We had a great weekend of boxing up there, and its a really cool campground with many trails right on-site.  We got to spend plenty of time boxing as well as mingling with some great boxers, and I finally got to meet MissMoon!!!  Woo hoo!!  And Jiffy even provided earplugs for everyone, since we were camping right on the water's edge and there were frogs croaking all night.

And for those of you who were wonding where these comments came about on the AQ boards, both of my stamps I had sent ahead for the event mysteriously ended up behind "butt-cheek" rocks in the clues.  Nittany claims it was pure coincidence, but I have my serious doubts about that!  ;)

Here are a few pics from that event:

We found this huge log saw along one of the trails.  Really cool!

We also found this poor porcupine.  Not so cool, but interesting.

A bridge over a river deep into one of the trails.

That last trail ended up at this horse field, and that guy there was the protector, and he let us know!

He was protecting this horse, who let us pet her.
After this event, our next one was the great Greatful Letterboxer's event.  The year before we were only able to attend for the weekend, whereas last year we were able to attend the whole thing.  Despite the horrible heat and humidity, we had a really awesome time.  Some great memories were made on Greatful Row, we got to meet and exchange with many boxers, and of course, there were plenty of boxes to hunt for!

And of course, as most of you know by now, this is the event where Greenmountainhiker's tent became a "word-of-mouth" box.  ;)

We had a great time on the trails with Seaflea and Graywolf, even though we narrowly escaped attacks by bicyclists,

... a porta-potty truck,
...and some horses!!!
The week after Greatful, Musicpals was heading out our way for their vacation, so we held a mini-meet so that we could get to know them a little bit.  We had planned on a BBQ in a nice place in downtown Portsmouth, but little did we know that a huge wedding had been planned for where we wanted to meet and box.  So, we moved to another nearby location where we knew a few boxes were, and were able to sit and swap for a bit before it got dark.  Then we headed over to the Redhook for food and fun, and it was there that Knotty Lady and ST Ranger met up with us, as they too were coming into our area to visit family.

Mrs. Musicpals, her friend who recently started boxing, and yeah, that's me.

Look - there's Honig603 too!!
And here is all of us at the Redhook.
I'll do more catching up in a day or two, but this at least gets the wheels turning and shows you a few of the things we've been up to this past year.  More to follow, and hopefully more of Tigs too!!  Hint, hint!!  Til next time...


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