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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Playing Catch-Up, Part L & B

From our day-trip in Manchester, NH, up until Live & Breathe XV, we were busy getting ready for this event.  We were on the L&B planning committee, and had alot to do in order to get ready to play our part in making this event a success for everyone.  Stamps to carve, plans to make, special items to build and create. 

We were surprised just how much work it took prepare for this event, and we were expecting to have to work even harder at the event.  We didn't even think we'd have time to do any boxing!  Fortunately, things flowed so smoothly and every boxer there was so fantastic that everything fell into place and ran so well that we DID have time for some boxing and plenty of exchanges!
We got to meet boxers from all over the country and beyond.  I was particularly interested in meeting Vivian the Viking and Starhexen from Canada (I read VV's blog).  Of course, I think I scared them at first, because when they first arrived at registration, I ran up to them to introduce myself and was acting a little excited.  Oops!  But it was so cool to get to meet so many people and put faces to trail names.

I know others have posted about their L&B experience, so I won't ramble on too much.  However, there are a few things that probably need explaining.  But before I get to that, here are a few things you can check out if you'd like to see more about the event.

First, there was a great video created by Muddy Paws' son Alex and Eric from Zess the Treehuggers.  Here's the link, but be warned that its almost an hour and a half long.

Live & Breathe XV Video

Also, over 2,000 pictures have been uploaded to Capsule as a general collaboration.  Over 700 of those were taken by Prankster Pete - I think he was the official photographer for the event.  However, be warned that you'll have to create an account (its free) in order to view the photos.  Here's the invite link:

L&B Pics on Capsule

OK, so from here I'll share only the pictures we took, with maybe one or two I'll have to borrow from Pete's group.  I'll explain why when I get there.  ;)

Deb of Merry Pranksters and Sherral of Zess the Treehuggers at registration.

BJ's Wholesale Club did a great job with the event cake.
Muddy Paws got these great guys to cater the Friday night BBQ.  It was great food!
Yup - Ryan was there, and I finally got to meet him in person.

I snapped this pic when Dezert Ratty slipped off the log she was sitting on.  I'll probably get in trouble for posting this.  (It was really hot & humid. ;)
Talespinner spinning tales at the campfire.
I found this little milk snake on the road at night.
Here's the WOM boards I created for the event, which will be around for other events.
Me & Wassa - well, as close as I could get to him at the event.  ;)
I see MissMoon!  ;)

At this point I haven't borrowed any pictures from Pete's great collection, but I'm thinking I'll save those for the next post, because the ones I plan on using will need the whole story in order for you to understand what was going on, and hopefully prevent nightmares.  ;)  So til next time...

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