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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Playing Catch-Up - A True Story

So now we come to the part where I may need to borrow a few pictures from Prankster Pete's wondrous array of photos.  You see, the story begins long before Live & Breathe, and it all begins with an innocent good deed.  Well, you know what they say about good deeds not going unpunished...

It all began at the first event we had ever hosted, which was our Weekend @ Wakeda event last spring.  It was all going well as people were arriving and setting up their tents.  However, with a few of the sites, it was hard to tell where one site ended and another began.  All of us were new to the campground, you see.

As it turned out, Greenmountainhiker came up to me and asked me about her site and where she should set up her tent.  Naturally, me always wanting to be a helpful and caring guy, went with her immediately and helped her determine where to pitch her tent.  No problem so far.

However, later in the day, The Spooky Group arrived and headed to their site to set up their tent.  Also being a complete gentleman, Mr. SG came up to me and told me that he thought someone else had set up their tent on his site.  So I went with him to investigate, and after looking more carefully at the surroundings and discussing the area, we concluded that I had made the mistake of pointing GMH to the wrong site.

Mortified, I wanted to correct this error immediately while also not imposing further on the SG's camp setup endeavors.  So I asked Mr. SG to help me move GMH's tent to the correct location and that I would explain to her what had happened.  And that is exactly what I did as soon as I saw her walking down our main campsite road to her new abode.  No worries, no problems - everything seemed to have been worked out.

The next day, I was speaking with Mr. Spooky Group about how nice it would be to do more good deeds to...for Greenmountainhiker.  This warmed our hearts and put cheer on our faces with the thoughts of nice things we could do in the future.  We just weren't sure when we could practice our arts of kindness.  I even mentioned this to GMH at the Acres of Boxing event, and this made her laugh with joy.

As it turned out, we later realized that we could help GMH out at the Greatful Letterboxers event in Andover, MA.  Its always such a big event and everyone is great about helping others.  So, while GMH was out hunting boxes one day, Mr. SG and I helped move GMH's tent to a much better location on the other side of the campground.  We even left a WOM clue on the board so that GMH would be sure to find her way home.
You can see how happy I am to be doing a good deed!
However, I think our intentions were misconstrued, and GMH along with SWGS removed the tent from its lovely new location and moved it to a spot full of shrubs and twigs - even a huge tree that might have fallen on it!!  It was a few hours later when I happened upon the tent, almost hidden from sight.  Naturally, I thought it had been burglarized, and I didn't want GMH to not have a roof over her head that night.

So, with the help of a few people (I won't mention your names gollygee and Mr. MMACJ ;), we moved the tent to a much safer and more public location, where we knew it would be safe - outside of the men's room.  No one would steal it from here!  I even left a clue again just incase.
More gooddeediness!
Well, GMH and SWGS came along in their car and happened to see the tent in its new safe location, and GMH packed up the tent and threw it into the car - I think she thought the burglars had come along again.  I was just up the road, and when they approached me in their vehicles, they stopped and we exchanged many pleasantries about the day - it was a very nice conversation.  And, it turned out that they had been concerned about my tent as well!  So naturally I ran back to it only to find that not only was it safe, but they had also made my bed and left an evergreen air freshener right on my pillow!!

However, I believe once again our deeds of goodness were misconstued, and I later heard that GMH was plotting revenge against me, and was spreading rumors that I slept in a pink thong.  Naturally I was hurt, but quickly got over it, and I was certain that eventually the truth of our intentions would be known and all would be well.

Well, I was wrong.

GMH did make good on her promise of revenge, and it was quite an ordeal, I can assure you.  She did two things.  First, she carved a horrible image in reference to me, brought it to Live & Breathe XV, and had the box right out where everyone could find it.  Not only that, but the trail that the nightboxes took went right past it every time - I was mortified when even children ended up seeing this ghastly image!
The revenge of GMH!!!
The second thing she forced me to do was even far more horrible - no words can describe the terror that happened to me and others later at the event.  I won't even try to describe it - I'll just have to show you.  But be warned - you'll never be the same again - you may even go blind!



This was so bad that even the police were called in!
However, the story does have a happy ending.  GMH and I have long since set aside these differences of opinions, become better friends, and have decided that in the future, we would plan some good deeds together rather than for each other.  Who knows - we may soon perform an act of kindness for YOU!

Sleep well!  ;)  ;)

PS - One more great thing did come out of this - I won second place in the beauty contest!  Here's me accepting my trophy - nighty-night!!  ;) ;)


  1. I didn't think that was a horror story; I thought that was your true self coming out, Brianna. . .oops! Was I supposed to keep that a secret? ;-)

  2. Well, I DID say that this was a true story. ;) Of course, if it wasn't for those whips and chains GMH was carrying... ;)