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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Playing Catch-Up - A Short Final Post

Yes, this'll be very short.  After the events of my last post, we only attended two LB events and haven't been out actually boxing up until recently.  Its been a quiet but uneventful winter as far as boxing is concerned, but hopes of spring are now beginning to change that, as you can tell by the fact that I've been posting again!  ;)

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures at either event.  No matter, as you'll see.

First, we attended the Love & Letterboxing event on the first week of October.  I'm not going to say much about it except for the fact that it was an amazing and fantastic event and the work that LK and OLJ put into it was one of the best works of LB art that I have come across.  And the reason that I'm not going to say much else, is because that our boxing companions for the day, Wisconsin Hiker and Martini Man have already written a much better accounting of that event than I could have.

So head on over to their Love and Letterboxing blog page and read about this great event - its an awesome read!  And I'm in it too!  ;)

The only other event we attended in 2013 was Guzzelin' Gal's 2013 Letterboxing Cookie Swap.  We drove out there knowing snow was coming, and drove home in snow.  But we had an awesome time, got to catch up with friends and find a few boxes, get all inky, and yes, we made it home safe.  I didn't get any pics as I said, but I heard that there are a few on Facebutt.  I don't use Facebutt.  Sorry.  ;)

Finally!  I'm caught up time-wise here on the blog - at least for now.  Next I'll have to catch up on my box logging.  Yikes!  I do have our latest event to report on, but that was recent and will be in my next post.  So until then, write to tiggermama and tell her to get back in here and tell us about something....anything...!!  ;)


  1. Gonna have to look into getting me a Facebutt ;)

  2. i'm never writing again!!! . . . ok, that's a long time. . . probably not until March, though. i'll write in March. . .