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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Playing Catch-Up, Part 5

After the fun and frivolity of L & B...  Wait a minute, that reminds me.  While at L & B, certain perpetrators decided to stage a little "room redecorating" of their own, trying to frame someone else (GMH) for the act.  Our beds and bedding were completely disassembled and stacked neatly in the living room of the cabin we were staying in - with another "evergreen air freshener" (a pinecone for those who need a little clarity) placed neatly on top of the pile!  Unfortunately for me, I had told that story to a few earlier that day.  Fortunately, I have my suspects and plan on "acts of kindness" for them in the future.  I even have clues!  ;)

This is our fridge, and NOT a resident of our cabin.  And things were "tidied up" in there as well!  ;)
Ok, so after L & B our next event brought us back over to Manchester, NH, for Team NH's "Meet Me @ Massabesic".  It was a cloudy day, but fortunately it didn't rain on us.  Unfortunately, it had rained previously, and a few of the roads were partially flooded - nothing that slowed us down, though!  And not only did we get to box with some LB friends and finally get to meet Team NH, we also got to meet Rubaduc & Gizz!!

Me with Minowa and IrishInks
You can see how cloudy it was.  There were also a couple of loons out on the water.
We got to box a trail with FlyingPigs from Manchester - that was their dog.
Me & BB3
Me taking a picture of IrishInks taking a picture.  ;)
Minowa & BB3
Look!  I made a friend!!
Found this little artwork on the bird blind at the Massabesic Audubon Society.
Minowa & IrishInks.  And in this pic you can see one of the MAC's own "letterbox" containers tied to the post.
The next day, BB3 and I got boat tickets out to Star Island, which is part of the Isles of Shoals off of the NH coast.  And we got those 2 tickets by the skin of our teeth - we didn't think too many people would be heading out there in the middle of September, but it was literally their last run of the season.   TaleSpinner has a series of boxes on the island, plus a few singles.  The series was on Star Island, but a couple of the singles were on neighboring islands, and we only had time to visit Star Island.  We had been wanting to make it out here for almost 2 years, and finally did. If you ever get a chance to go out here and find these boxes, make sure you do.  Just the visit to the island is spectacular, and there is a whole bunch of history out there.
Waiting to board the boat in Rye, NH
A nice view over the water.
Star Island
Always love seeing a kiosk!  ;)


Saying good-bye to the island!!

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