The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wow, am i off. . .

so, i'm briefly stepping in to say: February is a really busy month. i've been helping my sister, eeyoremama, with the Love Those TV Shows event down in Jacksonville, FL for the first weekend, then bopping around the Land of the Sacred Mouse for a week. Now, i'm home for all of 4 days and then i have to go take a class in St. Pete, FL to maintain my professional licensure. 

i know, i know - so where have i been for months and months?? well. . . it's kinda private, actually. Good friends know i've been dealing with the aftereffects of a chronic Lyme infection and moving and . . . stuff. It takes more energy than i thought. 

On top of that, i guess i'm just kinda off, these days. i certainly can't seem to hit the right tone on the AQ boards. i keep getting misunderstood. There's this saying i learned a long time ago: "if you meet one jerk, it's probably them. If you meet more than one, it's probably you." So maybe there's a good reason for me to keep my mouth shut and let the little bald guy talk. . .

i will post pictures, though. i have some.
i went to LLBean too - it was very, very cold.

Who are these strange, nightboxing people???

Hey look! i have my own copy of that picture!

I found a Wolfie at Bean. She wasn't happy. That's her eeevil look. . .

This duck needed a little help.

Old boots and a . . . um, "young" greenmountainhiker

Aren't i just a "deer"?


Aaawww!! Tickle the moose!!

Dumb-looking bear - and some taxidermy

Then we went shopping at the Maine Mall. . .

Because, hey, letterboxers know how to end a good event. *nodding*


  1. Yay!! You made it!! Glad you had more pictures, too. And don't worry - you're always welcome to talk in here, even if you're a jerk. ;) No one might be listening to you, but you're always welcome. ;) ;) Thanks for posting Pouncy!!!

  2. By the by, my favorite picture of these is the one of GMH in the fish bubble - she looks like a little kid at Christmas! ;)