The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome To Wakeda 2014!!!

It's here!  Well, it is for us anyway.  We'll be heading over to Wakeda today to set up and join a few others who are arriving early.  The Wakeda family is really glad to have us back again this year, and have been extremely helpful in making sure that things go well for all of us.  So I hope you're ready and excited for a fun weekend - and don't forget our motto - "Boxin' & Relaxin'!"

Here are some last minute things before I sign off until after the event.

We will be making a poster board like we did last year - you'll be able to see the one from last year hanging in the Trading Post.  If you've carved a covered wagon, we'll be placing those in the middle around the main event stamp.  But even if you didn't, we still want everyone that attends to stamp their sig stamps as a border around the outer edge - we want to make sure that everyone knows you came!

If you haven't signed up on the potluck and are bringing something, please do so now - its important for the meal planning!

If you are sharing a site with someone, remember that you still have to stop in the office when you arrive to get a pass for your vehichle.  If you arrive after the office closes, make sure you check in at the office the next morning.

The clue books are printed, but they only have clues that are specific to this event, including the two off site series.  If you plan on hunting other local boxes, please make sure you have the clues with you.

Right now the weather is showing 60's for the weekend, with a slim chance of "isolated t-storms" on Friday.  So unlike last year, we'll have cooler weather and maybe a little water, but all in all it doesn't look bad so far.

Prices are still the same at the Veg-Out truck this year.  The only thing different with the lunch menu is that they've add a couple drinks and a sandwich or two, but also dropped the kid's items, since most people last year ordered regular sandwiches for their kids.  However, they can make a kid's size sandwich at your request.

Also, Veg-Out will be open from  11:30am to 2:00pm on Saturday just for us.  And don't forget the pancake breakfast.

The Trading Post will be open as well - I don't know when and what times, but I'll ask tomorrow and have their hours posted at the event.  Plus, they have ice cream in there as well!  ;)

Don't forget bug spray, and keep an eye out for poison ivy!!  You'll be fine in the campground itself, but when off hunting boxes in some of the "off the beaten path" areas and grassy places like the airfield, check for ticks when you're out and about.  And while I did my best to make sure that no box was planted near poison ivy, its out there, so be careful.

Bring as little or as much event stamps, pt's, WOM boxes etc. as you'd like.  There are no requirements and no restrictions.

And lastly, plan on having a great time, making some new friends and enjoying the company of old ones, and only box as little or as much as you'd like.  Can't wait to see you all - safe travels and welcome, welcome, welcome!!