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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We're Not Just At Wakeda Anymore!

I've got a few more quick updates and requests for all you Wak-o's, but I've also got some good news for you thanks to a little footwork and some nice people.

I went to Wakeda last Tuesday, and again on Friday.  Tuesday I had a list of questions, so I went down to ask them and see how things were looking as far as the sites were concerned.  Of course, a few of my questions were work related, since I'm planning on working there again this summer.  But, so far everything is in order, and while I know we are all looking forward to it, they are looking forward to us being back.

You see, for them, usually large groups mean loud, obnoxious trouble.  One of the reasons I have a fun job with them.  Ask me about our very last night working there last summer.  ;)  But they said we were one of the best groups ever in the campground, and are delighted we are back.

Anyway, before I get to some of the smaller details, I gotta share some really good news with you.  One of the other things I did on Tuesday was go next door to the Tonry Tree Farm.  If you came last year, do you remember the tiny little path you took off of the main road, that took you to a little break in a stone wall?  Well, that was Tonry Tree Farm.  You would've seen one of the lots of Christmas trees.

Well, I met with the owner first (she's at least in her 80's if not more) and then with her daughter, explained our event and what we do, and got permission to use their land for the event!  Not only acres and acres of tree lots, but they also gave us permission to use the trail that's on their property, which I was told was a mile long!  SCORE!!

The map the Tonry's gave me of the property.
The trading post will be open on the weekend - I don't what the hours are yet, but I'll post as soon as I know.

I've written to Jackie, who runs the VEG-Out truck, to confirm our plans, but haven't heard back yet.

All the stamps are in, two sets are already planted, and the rest, for now, will be planted the week of the event.  Gollygee was carving the main event stamp this weekend.  And feel free to bring WOM's, event boxes, pt's etc.

They've got a new t-shirt design for Wakeda this year, and they are some nice looking t's - make sure you check them out in the office.

I'm heading over there again tomorrow, and will be working there for the weekend, so more info to come...

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