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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Little Something Before Getting To Wakeda

So.  Before I start giving you updates about Wakeda, I have something I've wanted to post for a little while now.  Something that some of you Wak-os and others can appreciate.  You see, there's a bit of an inside joke that comes from something that developed several years ago at OMG - Zombies back in 2011.  Its called SOAS.

What's SOAS, you ask?  Well, that stands for "Squirrel On A Stick".  You may have its catchy tune worming its way through your skull right now.  And I'll be happy to explain that in another post.  SOAS, for some bizarre reason, sort of took off on its own.  I mean, just imagine nice, juicy, marinaded and roasted critter just waiting for your consumption.  But I digress for now.

This winter season, I received several anonymous gift packages in the mail.  All because of this culinary delight.  So for the time being, I not only wanted to greatly thank those anonymous generous souls for bringing such joy into my heart this holiday season, but also share their generousity with all of you.  So, without further ado, here is what we received.  ;)

Squirrelly Generousity!

And now for something completely different.  Well, ok.  Not that different, but not that similiar either.  Pics of our bunnies, for no apparent reason, except that they're cute, including our newest edition, Margaret, which in a way, is kinda ironic.  And no, we didn't name her.  ;)

Margaret, aka Snugglebunny
Chip, aka Mr. Bunny, Disaster Bunny, Destructo-Bunny, Goober
Just hadta share.  ;)

Now, time to start focusing on Wakeda!!!

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