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Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally a day off

It's been an incredibly busy week here in Lake Champ, my hometown. i've seen WAAY too many clients, in between carving stamps for ELF (t - 8 days and counting), trying to clean my house, having the dormers repaired (saws and hammering early in the morning) and find the Christmas decorations.

It is not going smoothly. This morning started off with me trying to hurry the process of carving and slicing off a tunic. *sigh* Never, ever, ever rush a carving. Also, don't try to carve in a manner you're uncomfortable with - i've been having an interesting conversation with Aiphid on the boards and we've both discovered we "do it wrong." i don't use a light, or a magnifier, or table. Mostly, i hold the rubber in my hand, close to my little old (emphasis on old) eyeballs and go for it. i should trust my process. Learn from my mistakes - trust YOUR process. It will save you rubber.

Now, cleaning my house and Christmas decorating are important. They are. i realize this. i am The Mother, and i should be attuned to the needs of my family for a holiday-filled home. My sister is also coming to ELF and i need to have presents for them to take back to FL with them. i have stamps to finish and logbooks. i have all those case notes to write up (in case the plane crashes and someone has to take over - morbid, i know, but the way insurance companies think.) Then, there's church on Sunday, and other basics, like groceries. Responsible Adulthood (capital R, capital A) is calling.

However. . . there's a problem. My find count hasn't changed in a week. . . and i'm stressed. . . and it is going to be sunny tomorrow (which doesn't happen a lot in December in VT). . . and Muddy Butts (also known as VT Ski Goddess) has given those famous suicidal bunnies of nosox some therapy and planted them less than 15 miles from my house. What to do? What to do??

. . . ya know, Responsible Adulthood is highly over-rated. . .


  1. Poor Tigs!!! I feel your pain. Bubs and I have decided to go boxing tomorrow. Soooo, I, on my day off had to go grocery shopping and do some house cleaning. I have decorating for Christmas on my agenda this weekend too but that is gonna have to wait til Sunday now, cause we are boxing tomorrow, house can wait :)

  2. here, here!! you have your priorities straight!! i am thinking i can sneak some Christmas shopping in there, on the end, to satisfy the RA gene rearing its ugly head LOL

  3. Apparently I carve wrong as well, I have always done it in my hand, but have recently invested in a magnifying glass with a light so I can do more detailed carves with my poor old eyes.
    ~Guzzelin' Gal

  4. tigs - why didn't you tell me you needed work on your house? Id've gone up there in a heartbeat! Seriously! I could use the work! And there IS no wrong way to carve, unless you stab yourself, but I've never seen a rulebook for carving, so I think you're ok. And I really want to get "Muddy Butt's" series sometime, among others up there - good luck tomorrow! (Poor VTSG...)

    And welcome Guzzy!!! Glad you made it here! For the record, I carve on my work table with a lamp overhead, on a flat surface. To be honest, I've never tried carving in my hand, and the discussion about it has me intrigued. Also, its the only thing I've done that I've had to take my glasses off for - I can't wear them and carve. I do want a mag lamp, though - on my wish list...

    Happy weekend, one and all!!!

  5. I don't carve with a light, magnifier. I do use a table from time to time but sometimes you just have to hold it in your hand.

  6. I don't think I could use a mag light all the time, but I would like one to use occassionally for some fancy-schmancy detail. You sound pretty versatile, GG!! Still not brave enough to try it in my hand yet, but it does have me intrigued...

  7. Bubs, you and Betty are hereby permanently invited to The Castle whenever you want to come. . . although you don't have to work for boxing; you can just arrive. If you were going to work on The Castle in its perpetual state of disarray (did i mention we bought from someone who THOUGHT they knew what they were doing? after a fire? yeah, you get the picture) you would a)never go home and b) never go boxing in VT. So, just come hunt Tupperware - more fun anyway. . .

  8. Muchas gracias, tigster!! Likewise for you and Mr. Umbrella. And I still wouldn't mind the work, and I would go boxing - that's what "extended lunch hours" are for! Only thing is, if you do come here, you'd have to put up with Spazzarella (our happy hyper pup) and Gorillatron (C's pops - he's harmless, just gentally-challenged). And Tupperware? Why? Are LnL's banned in VT? ;)