The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Long Beautiful Weekend Boxing, Parte Uno

C sometimes has Fridays off, due to their schedule at her work.  However, on rare occassion, it works out that she ends up with the Friday off one week, then the following Monday off the next.  This happened to be one of those weekends, and it couldn't have worked out better.  Weather was unbelievably fantastic - upper 40's through low 60's on the first week of December in NH?  Unusual to say the least!  No rain, no big plans - so duh!  That means boxing time!

Friday I worked part of the day while C went grocery shopping and got some things done around the house.  That night we planned our strategy for the next day - there were four different series that we had missed at the OMG event in October, and we had hoped to get them before the snow covered the grounds.  So next morning (I did get up early - boxing is one of the few things that causes me to do so.) we headed over to Cape Neddick and started with the Fun With Zombies series.  We had had trouble last time finding the trailhead, but we were a little overwhelmed at OMG, and had much to do, so gave up on that one before.  We found it right off this time and worked our way through it.  As you can see, I'm working hard.
Then we went and found the The Zombie Parade, which was a fun series with some fun stamps, except that there were sections of the field that we had to cross that were super soaked - it was hard to keep dry feet in this section, which seems unusual for a field, but it is what it is - no biggie, just be warned if you plan on heading there for this one.  The bog field is to the left in this pic, out of view.
But trust me - this series is well worth it - one of my stamps and one of C's is in it!  And on a quick side story, what's funny is that tigs and I carved the same exact zombie image for OMG!  I had gotten mine to gollygee first since we're practically neighbors, so regretably she made tigs' stamp an event box, which if I remember correctly, will find a permanent home elsewhere.  And for the record, tigs did a better job on hers than I did on mine - I have no problem saying so.  Really.  But that's just further proof to how the two of us think!  ;)

Next we went after the Zombified series - some really great carves here from all over, on a good trail.  This one gave us no trouble!  Then we went back to car, grabbed our lunch, and headed back for.......the dreaded "big one"!!  The Rules of Zombieland was rumoured to be rough, rugged and soggy!  When we went back to the car, we had changed shoes, and I put on a pair of my old work boots that I had coated with vehicle undercoating!  I figured it wouldn't be the most comfortable, but heck, I'd be dry!  We did just fine until we got to the first river crossing, and then we knew the dread that everyone was talking about!  It is a rough crossing, but we made it without getting wet.  However, I started by trying to crawl across the wire, but it didn't work that way, and I ended up losing my inkpad in the river!  :(

We hiked along, got more stamps, then came to the second river crossing.  Come to find out, after the fact, that this crossing was more feared than the first - the wire here is really loose, thus giving you less stability.  However, we found this one a little easier - we actually pulled the wire and leaned away with it as we crossed on the few stones available, and made it over without incident.  Not that it was easy, but we made it!  Onward to more stamps!  We got to the third river crossing, and look at this!!!

Across the river, on dry land, useful to no one, is a bridge!  And I mean right after where it needs to be!  I felt like I was in Monty Pythonland!  Fortunately, this was a piece of cake to cross, and take a look at the small pond where the river was dammed up:
  This cool layer of ice was unexpected - it was in the upper 40's that day, and a pleasant day for hiking.  We moved onward, got a few more boxes, and then as the sun was going down, we got the final box of the day.  WHEW!  Long, exciting, record-breaking, non-nan, soggy-field day.  The last of today's 62 boxes:
Now Ya See It...

And Now Ya Don't!

 C had so had it by this point, despite the beautiful moon,

that she threw me in the goat pen and tried to leave me behind!


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  1. the river must have been way lower - that second crossing had NO stones on the day of OMG; it was JUST water. Glad to hear you made it across. And yeah, that field is pretty soggy. If you go into the woods on the left, you find out why: there's an actual streambed in the woods. In the field, they've sort of smoothed it out and let it flow over the whole thing. Ah, farming.