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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The results

OK, so a brief update (for those that don't follow FB):
neither Bubs nor i were Responsible Adults completely. . . but he got WAY more boxes than me (63 vs. 15). Then again, HE didn't brave holiday shoppers at a local mall or Home Despot, ON a Saturday, BEFORE Christmas, AFTER letterboxing. So i win. . . rawr.

~tigs (boings away to wrap)

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  1. I'm glad you wrote that, cuz I don't follow Facebutt. Its probably extremely rare that I am ever an RA. My apologies, but the correct count was 62, not 63 - not to place blame (MM), but we used the OMG clue book for the clues (MM), but whereas the Zombie Parade page claims 10 boxes (MM), there are really only 9, which I found out when we logged our finds. (Smile MM - I'm only teasing you!!) And "Despot"?! That place rocks!! Wassamatta u?!? (Not the funnyman)

    And how funny is this - you were in Home Depot that night, while I went to Michael's - chick in lumber store, guy in craft store - what is the world coming to!!!! ;D

    Where's my SOAS?!?!