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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Info About Weekend At Wakeda

I went out to Wakeda a few weeks ago and took a whole bunch of pictures, and Cheryl and I also went out last Saturday for a quick walk through.  Since it won't be long before its here, here are some things of note and some reminders to help keep things fresh in your minds, and hopefully you're as excited as we are about attending our first event as hosts!  ;)

1.  Its time to make those reservations - check out the "Wakeda" page here on the blog for info on how to do that.  While prices are still the same, they are allowing us one extra adult per site, so if you'd like to join up with someone else so that you can split up the costs, then feel free to do so. 

For example, the tent sites are $38, and that includes 2 adults.  Divided would be $19 per person.
3 adults would be $48 -  $16 per person
4 adults (the max) would be $58 - $14.50 per person

2.  If you'd like a preview of the campground before the event, even though they are closed this time of year, you can head over there, park in the entrance parking lot, and walk the campground.  Its a nice walk and the main road has been kept plowed - just be respectful of the grounds and especially all of the seasonal campers.  We even brought our mutt for a walk through there on Saturday!

3.  There will be boxes at the campgrounds, boxes planted nearby that will premiere at the event, and listings of nearby local boxes that you can hunt for this weekend.  Of course, feel free to branch out even further on your own if there is something you're just dying to find while in the area.  But the other half of this event is to be a relaxing weekend where people can just sit back and chill for a while, while getting to know other boxers.  So there won't be any scheduled activities, mandatory rugby match or attempts to make the world's largest human pyramid for the Guinness World Book of Records.  Just boxin' and relaxin' is all we got planned.  And a little food too.  ;)

4.  However, after that last point, we would encourage and welcome any and all of you to bring PT's, event boxes, LTC's for swaps, WOM boxes and whatever other stamping goodies you'd like to bring along.  We will have a bulletin board there for WOM clues, and we'll have plenty of space for stamping.

5.  If you're carving a stamp for one of the three series linked to this event, PLEASE DON'T FORGET, AND GET THEM SENT SOON!  Especially if you're in the NH Symbols tracker - I'd like to get that series planted first.  I will be listing them each as one series, so there is no need to list the box, and of course, carvers will be credited!

If I think of anything else of note, I'll be sure to publish it, but so far, things are going well and this shouldn't be too complicated anyway.  Just keep thinking boxin' and relaxin', boxin' and relaxin'....

And now for some pics!
They were running new power lines when I walked through a few weeks ago - it was pretty cool to see.
This first right turn takes you to the section we'll be staying at.
Site 6
Sites 8 & 10
The bathroom, right at the beginning of our section, has two women's rooms, two men's rooms and three showers.
Site 13
Site 15, which actually heads a little more to the right...
Sites 18 & 20 are set back just a bit, and I'm either in or right next to 22 in that pic...
Speaking of 22, here it is!
Here is where I'll be staying...
...and here is where Event Central will be!
So far, these are the sites that have been or are just about spoken for.  I'll post more site pics as they become reserved, just for those that might want a sneak peek.  Course, it'd be nice to see the snow gone...
I did see plenty of both of these (tracks & scat) a few weeks ago...
Even the totems had on their winter hats!
Part of the great big playground...
And here's the office - those two always say hello to me every time I stop by!  ;)
That's just a beginning of the pics I took, but hopefully that starts to give you an idea of what we're looking forward to.  So, start planning, finish carving, and tell old man winter its time to pack up and move on outta here - we're ready for Wakeda!!!!

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  1. "a relaxing weekend where people can just sit back and chill for a while"
    What are you, some kind of sadist??? that's not the kind of weekend a tigger has!! there will be no chilling! there will be no relaxing!! there will be boinging! there will be bouncing! there will be flouncing, trouncing fun fun fun!

    sheesh i'm only gone for 6 months and already he's forgotten. obviously, it's a good thing i'm attending this one, he's getting slow. . .

    ~tigs (in charge of nightboxing, at least once)