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Thursday, March 14, 2013

You Mean, Libraries Aren't Just For Books?

Whoda thunkit!!  Well, apparently Flyingpigs did!  This past Saturday we attended a very fun event at the Manchester Public Library, hosted by Flyingpigs.  I haven't been in a library this big since I was a teen in Indiana.  We have a great library here in Greenland, in a great historical building, but we're a small town with a small library - though, they have quite a bit packed in there.  But I digress.  Onward!

So, we headed over to the event, and were immediately greeted by the hostess, who explained a few things and gave us some clues - now that's what we needed!!  And of course, we started catching up with friends we hadn't seen in a little while.  Then we were going to go hunt stamps with Guzzy and Shesewez, but then we decided to wait a little bit - we were thinking it might be better not to have group pawing through the library.  Little did we know, we should have gone with them.  Someone walked off with one of the ten stamps hidden throughout the library, but G & S had found it before it went missing!

So, like I said, ten stamps were hidden throughout the library, and it was fun tracking them down.  And the clues weren't just "go here" either - it was fun to try to figure them out - especially the first one, whose clue was almost a page long!  And several had some pretty cool hiding spots!  (I must admit, we did get help with finding a stamp or two, though we were right there the whole time - that's how well a few of them were hidden!)

After scouting the library, we returned to the meeting room, got to swap some pt's, do an exchange or two, and got to chit-chat a bit.  And I got a few cool things from Thimbelinda for Wakeda, but you'll have to wait before I say anything about that.  ;)  Oh, and some Marrtians gave me a box.  No, really!  They did!  I'm only taking care of it til I can give it back to a robot!  No, I'm not in a dream state - it's all true!

Afterwards, we met Guzzy and Shesewez over at a place called "Mr. Mac's", a pretty cool place to grab a bite to eat - every dish is a meal built into mac & cheese!  That stuff was excellent, and very filling too!  I got a small and was completely stuffed, but it sure was good.  And tigs, they do gluten free too, though we fear they may use eggs, but aren't sure.  Perhaps more research is in order.  ;)

So, thanks to Flyingpigs for hosting such a fun event, especially since winter has kept us from the trails!!  Hopefully, we'll get to do it again next year...  Yes, that was another hint.  ;)  Now here are some pics!

Our fantastic hosts - Flyingpigs!

A whole lotta stampin' goin' on again!

Just havin' a good time...
Guzzy & shesewez - and I think that's a zombie on the right...
Oh, no!  GMH looks upset!
Just kidding!  She was happy!

Samantha Loves Jessie looks pretty happy too!

Mmmmmm - stamps and girl scout cookies!  How can ya go wrong with that?!


  1. mac and cheese? i LOVE mac and cheese. i could definitely do some more research at Mr. Mac's.

    . . . i miss you all. LOVE the hair, Bubs. Any longer and we'll look like twins!!

  2. I learned something at this event - letterboxers will PAY MONEY for stamps they can only get by PAYING MONEY...

    (for Girl Scout cookies, of course...)

  3. Glad you said something about those - I had included the pic I just added at the end, but then it somehow got deleted - blogger is funny with the pics sometimes. Anyway, it's back! Thanks!

    And miss ya too tigs...hmmmm....if we look like twins, then maybe we could trade places....hmmmmm. Lots of havoc could be raised! ;)