The wonderful thing about boxing, is boxing's a wonderful thing!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

And now for something completely different

because we all need a little comic relief. Frankly, yesterday sucked the big wazoo, so now a little fun.

You may all recall that Piper on The Trail asked us all, a little while back, for a beauty tip. This struck me as quite funny, as i am about as beauty-conscious as Esmerelda. My one regular makeup product is Cherry chapstick. So, my biggy tip was: "Don't put a blue Marvy Marker in yer teeth." i thought this worked.

Wouldn't you know that Igor (aka Mr. Magoo) had his own beauty tip. Who knew the boy likes to color his teeth?????

(hey Bubs - insert hideous picture here -yes, he posted it on AQ. His wife, BettyBoop and i, were horrified. The best thing about that is, I
don't actually live with him. Brush, Bubs, brush.)

Well.OK - you asked for it:

Rainbow Brite's Demented Boxing Camel
So, fast forward to March 31 - a great day. A day that VT Ski Goddess got her 500th box!
This was MOMENTOUS! This was WONDERFUL! This was a box that needed markers.

Did i ever mention that i am a klutz, with well-meaning intentions, that moves a little too fast for my own good? Yeah, well, i also have a tendency to open my markers by putting the cap in my teeth and pulling on the end. Then i color, then i stick the marker back in the cap, which is still in my teeth (you can see where this is going, yes?)

i missed. Plain and simple. And, in case you were wondering, Bubs, HERE is the face one SHOULD make if one happens to mistakenly stick a Marvy Marker in one's mouth:
Piper: i was right the first time.
Happy Trails, people. And let's be careful out there. . .


  1. When I posted that pic on AQ, even I said that that creeped me out. Oh, well. It came right off, and I don't recall it tasting weird, but then again, I've been known to be a bit weird anyway. I had a saying in high school: "Weird is good, strange is bad." If I said something was weird, it was odd in a cool sorta way, but if I said it was strange, it was odd in a bad way. So I've always taken being called "weird" as a compliment, but that's just me.

    No offense, Piper, but you won't be getting any beauty tips from me! Of course, you're probably glad about that...

  2. And a note for those interested in the scientific aspect of my experiment, I will say that some colors colored very well on teeth, while a few others barely showed up at all. Hmmmm. With tattoos and piercings and implants, maybe I could start the next "new" thing and develop "teeth coloring" as a new fad....