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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Pictures from Hubbard Park

So, if you wondered if Bubs actually bounces too, the answer is yes:

Here he is, off onto the longer series, after finishing off "Meriden: The Silver City". Of course, there is also his sheepish look, after terrifying me with the snake:And last but not least, here is Himself, at the very top of Castle Craig, thinking himself King of the World - men! So there you have it. i don't actually take pictures of myself. However, Bubs is now famous. . .
more later, tigs


  1. SEE, SEE!!! This is a glimpse of what I have to put up with ---- THanks for posting evidence Tigs!

  2. Someone needs to carve Bubs' picture of him looking rather mischievous!

  3. I wasn't sure at first, tigs, if that "sheepish" look was cuz of the snake incident of March, 2012, but that's the Van Halen stamp I'm holding there, so I'll have to concede that you are correct, since the geocache was near there.

    And what are you talking about, BB3?!? I am sweet and kind and lovable. I never cause any trouble... ;)

    And great to see you in here, Sarcasmo! But a stamp of me?? That would just scare people away and they would NEVER admit to THAT find! ;)

    Thanks for the castle pic, tigs - I was wondering how that came out - I love climbing things - I'm part monkey, as I'm sure most people can tell just looking at me... Never thought of myself as king, though. I'm more the guy who cleans out the stables, and nothing close to famous, but thanks anyway. ;)