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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chillin' With The Tigs...NOT!!

Last weekend we went up to Vermont to box with the tigster, help install a stair railing and posts, and attend the mini-meet that Pixie and the Sprites were holding.  "Chillin'" was not a way to describe the weekend, though we did have some relaxing chats in the evening, but other than that, we had alot to cram in to the weekend!

We headed up Friday night after BB3 got out of work - it was a long but pleasant drive, with no complications.  However, I forgot about tigs' couple of boxes along the highway, so I didn't get to become a sneaky pete on this trip.  *sigh*  We got up to their house, settled in, chatted a bit, then headed to bed so that we could get a good start on the next day.  I must say, that tigs and Mr. U. are fantastic hosts, and we felt right at home the whole time we were there!

Next morning, we headed out to go boxing, but before we left, I downed two cups of coffee (I NEED coffee in the morning before doing anything - I am a grumpus galumpus before it enters the bloodstream.) before the arrival of VT Ski Goddess!  Finally we got to meet her, AND we got to spend the day boxing with her!  Woo Hoo!!!!!  We headed out and boxed, boxed, boxed, and had a great time!  The only dissapointing part of the day was that one of tigs' boxes had dissapeared!  Bummer, dude!  Other than that, a great day boxing - which reminds me, I still need to log the boxes...

"After I finish smiling, its the Shoes for you, pal!"
 After much boxing, we headed to the pre-arranged meeting spot for the mini-meet.  There was much merriment at tigs' expense, due to her parking ability - she parks like BB3!  It was a hoot!  But, we found out once we were at the restaurant, they didn't take reservations, and wouldn't seat a group larger than 8 together, and the place was packed.  But we waited for others to arrive (we were first), and the next to arrive was Grrly Girl - someone else from the VT boxer's hall of fame that we got to meet!  AND, she handed out a bunch of Altoids tins for the planting of more boxes - that was awesome - thanks GG!!

Then, someone driving by shouted "tiggermama!!!" and we all looked, and it was Pixie and mama Irish Chick!  They parked, came and met with us, and we all decided to head somewhere else where we could sit and eat and relax.  It was great seeing mama Irish Chick again, who we had met before, and now we got to meet Pixie, minus the Sprites, who were in the care of grandma, as I recall.  Another new boxer to meet, and a great meet it was!!

Wrappin' up at the IHOP
We headed over to an IHOP, which turned out to be a great choice - it was somewhat quiet there, and they gave us a section all to ourselves.  And Mr. U. met us there as well, which reminds me - he is now my official Letterboxing Sugar Daddy, and I gave him something when he arrived at the event to make it official.  I would explain, but its way more fun to let you wonder what all that is about.  ;)

"Quick!  Scatter stuff everywhere so we look like we're doing something!
While here, we got to eat, exchange, swap some PT's and get to know one another a little bit - it was a really great mini-meet among great people, and I'm so glad that we got to attend.  From here, we got to go and find a few boxes with IC and Pix, so that just added to the night.  And, we got to see the world's tallest filing cabinet!  And then there was the part where I climbed the tree house - and NOT the way you are supposed to.  Why?  Cuz I'm a bit touched.  But it was fun, and if it weren't for the drinking college kids, I'da made it over the railing.  This is where I get to tell tigs to "insert picture here", cuz she has the pic of that, not me.  (I took care of YOUR request there, tigaloo...)

After all this, we went back to casa del tig, we said goodnight to VTSG, chatted, munched and did chill a little, then hit the sack.  Next day, Mr. U. and I worked on the stairs while tigs and BB3.....ummm......they did.....ummmm......hmmmm, I'm not sure.  I think they took naps and then took more naps.  I could be wrong.  But, Mr. U. called it quits on the stairs for the day, and so we packed up tools, then packed up our car, but before we left, tigs and Mr. U. brought us to one more series of boxes, where we got one last set of VT boxes before heading home.  And a great set of boxes it was!  Plus, I got to visit Bulah!!  ;)

Not the right kind of bars to contain this nutcase...
So, special thanks to tiggermama and Big Daddy....I mean, Mr. U., for such a great weekend.  It was fantastic, fabulously packed, and a weekend of memorable memories.  Even if you wouldn't let me take a shower at night.  *snicker, snicker*  And thanks to everyone we got to meet and catch up with and get to know - you all were the frosting on the cake.  Thanks VT!!!

Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure:
A nice little somewhat-hidden spot.
Three doe cautiously peering out of the woods.
If a tigs smiles in the woods, does anyone believe it?
Beautiful Lake Champlain
Just plain weird.
***I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  For those still reading, I have proof of the existence and viciousness of the Tigshooicus Mauliculi!  Tigs has an old treehouse in her back yard, and I just had to go check it out!  I was so excited!  I ran like a little kid out into the back yard, through a fence, and climbed the ladder:

But then, I turned around......and froze!  The Maulers had left something behind!



  1. Is that an elephant trunk? What was an elephant doing up in the treehouse? What have you done with the Heffalump, Tigs?

  2. Ummmm, not an elephant trunk, sarcasmo - that is a deer leg, the only thing left of the poor creature, and I was gonna be next! Fortunately, I got otta there in time!