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Friday, April 13, 2012

Police Chief Michael Maloney

Our town, Greenland, NH, is a small town with a close-knit community, and we lost one of our own in the line of duty, trying to keep our town safe and secure from those who would corrupt and cause harm.  Tis a hard and sad day indeed, especially since it does hit so close to home.

I'll never forget the day that we had a very sweet and friendly dog sitting on our back porch, looking inside like he belonged with us and that our home was his.  We brought him in and couldn't help but fall in love with him.  We weren't sure what else to do at the time, and we had never seen him before, so we called the PD.  It was Officer Maloney that came out to pick him up, but we told him we wouldn't mind keeping the dog until the owners were found.  He was glad about that, and so were we.

Turned out the owners weren't too far away, but were in Stratham, less than a mile from us.  They had called the Stratham PD, while we had called Greenland.  Next day the family of the dog called us, and I brought him home to them.  They gave us an apple pie as thanks, as I recall.

12 years in Greenland, and about to retire.  Such a tragic loss, and our hearts and prayers go out to his family, his friends and our community.  I am NOT an emotional person usually, but this does hit home, and I am still finding this hard to believe...

Godspeed, Police Chief Michael Maloney - You WILL be missed!!


  1. I heard this on the radio this morning. My thoughts are with your community & his family. 1 week to retirement. :-( *sigh*

  2. i am so really sorry for your loss, Bubs and Betty. Prayer speeding your way for the healing of your community. . .